Free Childcare Available for Students on Campus


Alexis Dascher, Copy/Opinion Editor

     The new drop-in childcare center is now available to fill the need for parents on campus. 

     Director Kelly McCarthy said the center had been a main priority for CCSU’s President Zulma Toro. 

     The center is located downstairs at Carroll Hall.

     “College students today are different, and they look different than they did years and years ago,” McCarthy said. “It’s important that we adapt so we can accommodate their needs, and the center is a way that we can remove barriers that prevent students from continuing their academic goals.”

     According to McCarthy, enrolled students can register their children between 3-12 years old and schedule reserved time at the center. 

    “There is no additional charge for student parents, and we are open five days a week,” she said.

     McCarthy said the center is a high-quality educational facility with veteran staff and has experiential learning opportunities for education majors.

    “We provide an enriching curriculum that aligns with state standards,” she said.

     According to McCarthy, the center has more than 30 enrolled children but has more space available.

     “We highly encourage CCSU parents to register,” she said. “It’s a great way to take classes while your children are also learning.”

     McCarthy said the center is a safe, educational environment that provides homework assistance for school-age children.

     “The homework is done when their parents are in classes,” she said. 

     McCarthy said the center collaborated with Maria’s Place, the campus pantry, so that student parents can access groceries and personal items.

     “As they’re walking out the door, the pantry is available,” she said. “We provide that as another way to support our student parents.”

     According to McCarthy, the center is an excellent opportunity for CCSU’s student parents.

     CCSU parents interested in registering their children can email the center at [email protected] or call 860-832-2125.