BSU Hosts Gala to Showcase Black Excellence


President Zoe Pless awards, “Best Dressed.”

Nathalia Blair, Staff Writer

CCSU’s Black Student Union held a successful “Black Gala” banquet in Alumni Hall to celebrate Black History Month on Friday, Feb. 24.

BSU President Zoe Pless said that the Black Gala was meant to encourage Black excellence and unify the Black community at CCSU. 

“The Black Gala is important to the community because it provides black students to hang out with one another in a safe environment,” she said. “To dress up, and feel good about themselves, and foster black excellence and unity.” 

The gala followed a “royalty” theme and was decorated with black, gold and brown table settings and decor. Attendees were instructed to follow the same color scheme and wore crowns and other regal accessories.

Pless said that she was satisfied with the turnout and to see the black community brought together to celebrate with each other. 

“It was a little stressful at first, but it was nice to see everything come together.” She said. 

Pless said she would like to see more collaboration for future events for other clubs, like a culture fest. Pless also mentioned the Fashion Show hosted by the African Student Organization on March 24th. 

“I think the Black Gala and the upcoming fashion show is enough for the black students on campus. For now, until we can think of more events.” She said. 

Club member Albert Guwoe said any gathering amongst black people celebrates their history. 

“It’s very important to make sure that we’re constantly embracing our culture and partaking in it as well,” Guwoe said. “Congregating together and doing anything with black people is celebrating black history.” 

De’ja Salahuddin said BSU and ASO have an inclusive community. 

“I think it celebrates black history by bringing together the black community and also not excluding other races as well,” Salahuddin said. “BSU and ASO make it their priority to not exclude anyone even though we’re black, it’s the community that matters.” 

Salahuddin said she has attended the Black Gala for the second time this year 

“This is my second year coming to this event and I felt like a superstar both years. I feel like I’m on the top of the world, like Beyoncé’s status,” she said. “It’s like I walk here, and I feel like I’m walking in my purpose. I can honestly leave here today, saying I’m proud of being a young black woman.” 

Attendees had the chance to win prizes. The first prize was Beats headphones to the best dressed at the Black Gala, and at the end of the night raffle tickets were called out for 3 students, picked at random selection, to win $25 Amazon gift cards.