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Central Clubs Are Navigating A New Virtual World

Abigail Murillo, Staff Writer

October 7, 2020

Some clubs have found member involvement challenging due to the transition from the on-campus to the online campus experience. But club leaders are persevering and continue to recruit new members while also getting their current...

Career Success Center Moves Online To Support CCSU Students

Samantha Bender, News Editor

October 6, 2020

Though the semester looks a bit different for students at Central Connecticut, the Career Success Center is not letting the pandemic deter them from supporting both current and past CCSU students. Jessica Pierzchalski, a junior...

To The Eccentric Beeper

Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

September 29, 2020

Be-beep! Beee-beep! Beeep! “Who is that beeping like a crazy person?!”my sister said as your beeps consumed the Walmart parking lot on Dixwell Avenue. Be-bee-beep! Taking a right turn onto the sunlight’s busiest bord...

Q & A: How To Survive Being Home

Christopher Caceres , Contributor

September 29, 2020

For many students, college is their first time away from their family. The coronavirus pandemic created a need for remote learning, which can be challenging for some. Sure, it’s nice having cooked meals and perfectly folded...

CCSU Plans To Introduce More HyFlex In Spring 2021

Ryan Hayes, Staff Writer

September 28, 2020

The fall 2020 semester is underway and everyone on campus has been adjusting to a new era of learning. With the pandemic and social distancing requirements, large-scale coordination is much more difficult, but Central Connecticut...

A Look Inside CCSU’S Coronavirus Tracking System

Isabella Chan, Editor-In-Chief

September 24, 2020

"If I said to you back in March we had someone that tested positive [for coronavirus], we would've said 'let's get in our car, we're getting out of here!' because we didn't even know or understand the virus back then," Chief Operations...

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