The Recorder

DJ Exilhomme: Central’s Most Physical Defender

Trevi Alickolli, Assistant Sports Editor

October 16, 2019

The Central Connecticut football team is 5-1 through the first six weeks of the season behind a defense that is holding opponents to 20.7 points per game and opposing running backs under 90 yards per game. In the middle of...

Nelba Marquez-Greene Changes The World As ‘Gutsy Woman’

Dan Fappiano, Editor-In-Chief

October 15, 2019

Nelba Marquez-Greene sits in her Davidson Hall office, the walls covered purple with the Puerto Rican flag hanging prominently. Central Connecticut's leader of The Ana Grace Project is a woman, a Latina and a fighter who has taken...

They’re Mandala, They Make Music

Carolyn Martin, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

October 8, 2019

In late August while most Central Connecticut students were preparing for a new semester, Abe Azab was gearing up for his debut EP with his band Mandala. Mandala was formed while the members were in high school, and they have...

National Custodial Workers Day

Julia Conant, Arts & Entertainment Editor

October 1, 2019

Oct. 2. marks National Custodial Workers Day, which means it’s a day to thank the custodial workers in your life who usually work behind the scenes and don't receive much recognition. Many custodial workers help keep Central Connect...

K-9 Demonstration Gets A 10

K-9 Demonstration Gets A 10

September 8, 2019

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