OPINION: Students Left in the Dark, CCSU Lacks Transparency


Students were not made aware of a man being charged for voyeurism and trespassing on campus.

Savanna Yelling, Managing Editor

On March 7, I received a call from my mom asking if I felt safe on campus. Why would I not? Despite living 20 minutes away, she was made aware, before I was, that a man who lives in the same building as me was arrested for criminal trespassing.  

A CCSU student, Matthew Nieves, 25, was arrested and charged with voyeurism and trespassing for watching women in the swim locker room showers, according to the arrest warrant. The story was broken by major news outlets such as the Hartford Courant, NBC, WFSB and CT Insider. Yet, the University has yet to make a statement to the student body.

The incident has been reported to have occurred on Jan. 17 and was broken by local news outlets on March 7. For a month and a half, students were unaware that their peers were victims of such harassment. It is likely that students are still unaware if they are not in tune with local news outlets. 

While it is understandable for the university not to put out statements while the incident is under investigation, the incident took place on campus and the suspect and victims are all members of the CCSU community. Students deserve to know at the very least that an investigation is taking place.  

Once the story is broken by major news outlets, a floodgate of questions from students and their families is bound to open. There was no direct communication to students ensuring that they could feel safe on campus and that the situation was under control. 

If information concerning student safety can be made public by police reports, court records and has been reported on by multiple sources, why are students left in the dark by administration?