Wear Your Mask To Save A Life


Shwar Zaidi, Contributor

Coronavirus is a dangerous disease that has been spreading worldwide and is not a stranger to the United States. In order to prevent further harm to the economy, while trying to live the most normal life where we do not live in another lockdown, we have to wear masks.

Around the end of May, many places such as stores, schools, restaurants and movie theaters began to open. However, they would open with a couple of negotiations and restrictions, specifically that people must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with wearing a mask. We live in an individualistic society where people often do not like to be told what to do by the government. There has been a political debate going around that it’s the people’s choice to wear masks and they shouldn’t be forced to do so. Some people might cause a fight while trying to go into restaurants or public settings when asked to wear a mask.

The action of people not wearing a mask is causing a lot of significant harm to society.  We all want to get back to our normal lives. But if we can’t flatten the curve, it will be impossible.

Different people can experience severe and painful symptoms if they contract the virus. The virus can kill or harm elders, people with mental issues or even healthy people.

Some Central Connecticut students have expressed that wearing a mask is extremely important and they are disappointed in how others are not taking it seriously after hearing multiple students tested positive for COVID-19 because they went out to different social gatherings.

CCSU Student Government Association Vice President Cheyenne Bermudez said that she was extremely disappointed in how people acted “selfishly” for not wearing a mask and going out to large gatherings.

“I am starting to see people slowly wearing their masks improperly or not at all, which is heartbreaking,” Bermudez said. “A lot of faculty and students have spent these past six months working relentlessly to open the campus and it’s sad to see how little people care. More people are just going to parties and being selfish by not thinking of the consequence of their actions.”

Masks are more beneficial than what may people think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, masks help block air particles with many germs from other people who sneeze or cough from the nose and mouth.

Julia Plunkett, a senior at CCSU, said that masks could help save lives and avoid losing someone you love.

“Last year my mum died because of Influenza A,” Plunkett said, “if they are saying COVID-19 is worse, I will be wearing a mask. It helps keep students, friends, family, staff and professors’ safety. I wouldn’t wish the loss of a parent or friend to something so easily managed by social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a mask on anyone.”

“Masks slow the spread of COVID-19 and slowly flatten the curve,” Helen Moore, a senior at CCSU, also added. “If we all stopped wearing masks, then more and more people would be at risk and in the hospital. The hospitals don’t even have enough beds, which would be an issue.”

President Dr. Zulma Toro emailed members of university stressing the importance of wearing a mask, not gathering in huge parties and social distancing. Additionally, the email noted that local police and CCSU Police Department will b were making sure that students were not partying in large gatherings off-campus.

Wearing a mask is more than just a piece of fabric on your face. It’s saving people from dying and reducing the pain felt around the world. If people are not serious, we will never be able to have a normal life where we can freely go out in the world to do as we desire, like before.

For those experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms please quarantine at home and contact a medical care provider. These symptoms include: coughing, shortness of breath, fever, headaches, loss of smell/taste, muscle ache, blue lips or dizziness. For more information, visit cdc.gov