Alice in the Village Has a Wizard’s Experience


Tea Parties at Alice in the Village have their treats served on Afternoon Tea stands. Photo by: Melody Rivera

Melody Rivera, Social Media Editor

MYSTIC – Alice in the Village, a tea shop in Olde Mistick Village, holds its last tea event, The Wizard’s Experience, before it closes down temporarily for renovations starting on March 1, 2022.

The Wizard’s Experience is a collaboration between Alice in the Village and another store located in Olde Mistick Village called The Cloak and The Wand, which are both managed by the same owner. According to Taylor Britt, an employee at Alice in the Village, this event first came about in Jan. 2021 and has already become the store’s most famous themed tea party.

“It’s been going very well,” Britt said. “We’ve had to make adjustments because of COVID, but everyone has been very supportive.”

The Wizard’s Experience offers customers a variety of tiny treats, including sandwiches, scones, desserts, and the store’s main attraction, which is their tea. People can choose English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Peppermint, or Raspberry tea to drink with their food. They can even choose what kind of teapot they want to pour their tea from, whether it looks like a cat, owl, octopus, elephant, or house.

The highlight of the Wizard’s Experience is a dessert called The Burning Cauldron, a chocolate cake that’s placed in a small cauldron and served with a wand: a chocolate-covered pretzel. The menu guests receive tells them what to say to perform a spell with their wand towards their cauldron dessert. Once this is done, customers can eat their cake, and frosting will be revealed at the bottom of the cauldron. Everyone will have different colored frosting in their cauldron, and the menu will display what power they will receive depending on the color. For example, green means controlling plants, and white means time travel.

The Wizard’s Experience doesn’t end at Alice in the Village, though. At the end of their tea party, guests will be given their receipt and are told to go to the Cloak and the Wand for a surprise.

The Wizard’s Experience takes place from the middle of January to the end of February every year. After Feb. 28 this year, Alice in the Village will be closed for the entire month of March for a massive expansion to the store.

“We’re going to have a bookstore and retail as well as give people the option to walk in and have tea and treats instead of reservations,” Britt said.

Alice in the Village will also have an outdoor patio to give customers the ability to drink tea outside in time for Spring and Summer when it reopens in April.