Where Do The People Stand With This Year’s Presidential Election?

Michael Cerrotti, Contributor

With the 2020 Presidential election just one day away, I conducted a study in a neighborhood in Durham, Connecticut to predict who will be the next president.

Unlike the 2016 election, when many voters believed Hilary Clinton was a corrupt choice prior to her candidacy, President Donald Trump now faces a man who has spent his entire life in public service: former Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe Guido, a Quinnipiac University graduate, is a Trump supporter; while he maintains his stance, he does admit Trump has his faults.

“[Trump] has a ginormous ego and he can’t control himself. He takes a lot of things too personally,” Guido said. But despite this, Guido believes that Trump has done many positive things in office since being elected. He attributes this to the business background of the president.

“Him being a businessman helps with the economy a lot. You’ve seen unemployment go down before the COVID-19 stuff happened and he closed the borders earlier,” Guido said. With the coronavirus pandemic in mind, Guido believes it will result in an interesting election.

“Having the virus on an election year is going to affect things a lot, with the biggest being the mail in ballots. But specifically, the virus is going to affect who people vote for,” Guido said. 

Unlike Guido, Steve Joyce believes Trump is doing more harm than good for the country.

“[Trump has] been very divisive for our country. He’s ruining our democracy and he’s very racist and doesn’t want to fix the problem of Black Lives Matter,” Joyce said.

Along with the his treatment of the country’s racial issues, Joyce does not agree with the way in which Trump has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

“His handling of the coronavirus has been horrible,” Joyce said. “He tried to ignore it in the beginning by saying he didn’t want to alarm anybody, but Americans need to know that.

Joyce’s beliefs on Trump are differentiate tremendously from his views on presidential candidate Joe Biden.

He wants to bring people together and he wants to help the American people, you can see that,” Joyce said. “He’s not doing it for himself. Honestly I think he wants to be in a position to help.”

Unlike her fellow Durham residents who are decisive on the candidates, Lynne Selmecki finds herself in the middle of the spectrum with support for both candidates.

“He’s a businessman with solid business knowledge and I believe there is some value in investing in big business,” Selmecki said about Trump.

In terms of Biden, Selmecki acknowledges his faults but believes he may be a more honest candidate.

“I’m not thrilled with [him] being the democratic candidate, but I think he’s going to be better for this country because he’s not going to lie as much like Trump,” Selmecki said.

After interviewing these individuals, it’s leading me to believe that President Donald Trump will be re-elected. With the election a day away, it is now up to everyone to get to the polls, vote and make sure their voice is heard.