Students Battle for Cash Prize in 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


Carlos Rodriguez

Ryan Jones drives by a defender for a layup.

Savanna Yelling, Editor-in-Chief

Central Connecticut State University’s school spirit club teamed up with the Student Government Association to give students a chance to compete for a $400 prize at the annual Brazen Blue Devil’s Day.

The Brazen Blue Devils club hosted the 3-0n-3 basketball tournament on April 29 with a total jackpot of $1,200 on the line.

Ryan Jones, a senior, hit the game-winning 2-pointer to put his team up 15-7 in the championship game.

“It was competitive and fiery,” Jones said. “It was money on the line so it was a real battle. We wasn’t walking out empty-handed.”

Each game went up to 11 points and the championship game went up to 15 points, using a ones and twos point system. The tournament was single-elimination style.

The winning team struggled more in the first round than they did in the final game, Jones said.

“Our first game was the toughest,” Jones said. “The chip was hard too, but once I flipped that switch and my teammate Devyn hit three 2-pointers we couldn’t be stopped. Once my teammate Brian went down on an ankle sprain I said “I got us,” and the rest is history.”

Jones played point guard in the Amateur Athletic Union and his skills translated into the competition, he said.

“My basketball experience is extensive,” Jones said. “From the streets to high school, to college, I’m gonna put the ball through the hoop.”

Each member of the winning team was awarded $400 Amazon gift cards.

Students gathered by the dozen to watch the tournament.

Bri McFarlane watched the entire tournament and enjoyed it, she said.

“It was great energy and everyone was hyped,” McFarlane said. “It was actually entertaining to see the boys play and to see who would win the money at the end.”

McFarlane said although she enjoyed watching basketball, the club should consider expanding to other sports.

“I think they should do a football tournament next year,” McFarlane said.