Which Fried Chicken Sandwich Is Top Dog?

Brioche buns and delicious sauces paired with lettuce, tomatoes or even pickles,  all to highlight delicious fried chicken. This phenomenon has taken over bellies nationwide or at least the ones belonging to people who eat meat. And while this debate on the best chicken sandwich rivals the intensity of any democratic debate, there will likely never be a clear winning candidate. Here are some of our staff’s personal favorites.

Chick Fil A by Bruna Vila Artigues

Used to the one dollar McChicken, the first bite I had of the Chick Fil A chicken sandwich was a life changer. With the perfect amount of meat and crispiness, the nation’s largest chicken chain does not disappoint. When you bite on the sandwich, you experience a very balanced explosion of flavors that accentuates the perfectly cooked chicken. The thin but very crispy fried layer is a welcoming party for the tastebuds, getting you ready for the 100 percent whole boneless breast of chicken that comes after. To accompany it, the soft and pillowy potato bun is the right size not to overshadow the meat. I personally like the Deluxe Sandwich that comes with lettuce and tomatoes. However, if you are not a vegetables person, don’t worry, another special and unique touch to the Chick Fil A sandwich are the sauces, which is also what they are known for. Polynesian, Honey Mustard, Garden Herb Ranch, Zesty Buffalo, Barbecue, Sweet and Sour Siracha and Chick Fil A sauce make it very hard for you to choose only one of them. In my opinion, Chick Fil A beat all the expectations and exceeded them. I recommend it to everybody without a doubt, and I am even thinking of starting a petition to spread the Chick Fil A chain overseas.


Popeye’s Chicken by Ryan Jones


The sandwich that broke the internet. I knew I’d love Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich the second it came across my screen back in August, but I held back from testing the sandwich during the first waves of obsession across America. Once I finally got my hands on it, though, my life got flipped and turned upside down. Long were the days of being a part of the Chic Fil A hive, the crunchy chicken had become the newest in the long line of fast food items I needed far too often, obviously paired with a dollar large Coke from McDonald’s. Popeye’s sandwich, similar to Chic Fil A’s, featured two pickles, which should be a staple on every spicy sandwich. Instead of a slice of unmelted cheese (why not just melt it?) Popeye’s utilizes a spicy mayo sauce that pairs perfect. While I will never say Chic Fil A’s sandwich is anything but amazing, it doesn’t hurt Popeye’s case that I won’t feel as bad giving them money. The crunchiness of the chicken is god tier.


HNT by Julia Moran

Hot N’ Tender? I’d say so. Their “hand breaded” chicken is as moist as it is crispy; creating the perfect balance in every bite.


Bon Chon By Isabella Chan

Korean barbecue is best known for its delicious taste and combined with their fried chicken, it’s almost irresistible. While this restaurant offers more than just their chicken sliders, I would argue it is the best thing on their menu. With spicy and soy garlic as flavor options, the crispy chicken is sure to satisfy all tastebuds, as long as you’re able to take the heat it packs. Coupled with fresh cucumber and coleslaw on a potato bun, these sliders can simply be described as yummy. While soy garlic has a subtle spice that builds with each bite, the spicy sliders truly pick it up a notch with peppery accents. For those that can bear the fiery taste, I highly recommend it.