Look Out Kizer, Here Comes The Apple Juice

The CCSU apple juice took a trip up to Kaiser Hall back in March.

Instagram: @where_the_juice_at

The CCSU apple juice took a trip up to Kaiser Hall back in March.

Julia Conant, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Central Connecticut’s official mascot may be Kizer the Blue Devil, but a small bottle of Mott’s Apple Juice may be working to take that spot for itself.

In late March, an Instagram account called “@where_the_juice_at” surfaced. It features pictures of an apple juice bottle in various locations around campus. Some of these locations include Ebenezer Bassett Hall, outside the Student Center and Kaiser Hall. The first picture posted on the account features the apple juice outside Davidson Hall with the caption “Time to start my adventure at CCSU.”

All of the captions of the photos are written from the perspective of the apple juice. One caption back in April read, “Hope y’all had fun waking up early for classes today! I didn’t have to because I’m apple juice and CCSU doesn’t offer classes for apple juice.”

Funnily enough, the account started simply because a student was testing out their phone’s camera.

“I was playing around with the different camera modes on my phone and took some pictures of the bottle of apple juice I was drinking,” one of the owners of the Instagram account said. “Some of the pictures came out really nice and kind of resembled a portrait type shot. The angle of the pictures really made it feel like the juice was personified and that’s when I thought it might be fun to make an Instagram account centered around a bottle of Mott’s apple juice going on adventures.”

The tone of the account is always lighthearted and sometimes humorous. For April Fools Day, the apple juice bottle was filled with orange juice. In August, a photo of the apple juice next to a container of blueberries was uploaded with the caption, “Found my cousins.”

Currently, the account sits at just over 100 followers. But it was never important to the owners of the account how many followers they got. They mainly keep up with the account because it’s fun and makes people laugh.

“I was never really concerned with how many followers the account got,” a co-owner responded. “It was just something fun and silly to do. However, it is really cool to see that so many people appreciate the account.”

Despite being the self proclaimed “CCSU apple juice,” the tiny bottle of Motts has travelled far away from Central. Over summer break, the juice travelled to California and Montreal. The apple juice even made an appearance at ConnectiCon dressed as Superman, a Percy Jackson character and Spider-Man.

And despite the large following, the co-owners of the account have managed to keep their identities a secret. For all we know, the owners of the account could be in the same classes as us.

“Currently we are not interested in revealing our faces,” the owners of the account said. “We think that staying anonymous gives the juice it’s own personality. Right now it’s the juice talking. If we revealed who we are then it would be us talking and take away the fun.”

To keep up with the apple juice’s adventures, be sure to follow “@where_the_juice_at” on Instagram.