Connecticut Dances through the Night at Central

by Kimberly Pena

Central Connecticut hosted the Connecticut’s Best Dance Crew competition on Nov. 18th, allowing dance crews from all around Connecticut to participate and show their craft.
The competition began with CCSU’s very own dance crew, where they received a warm applause from the audience.
The event was hosted by senior Kevin Leatherwood and Ulricka Joseph, providing the platform to the crews to express their unique style of dancing on the stage.
The majority of the crews danced to Hip-Hop and R&B, hyping up the crowd as they moved.
Naquan Asberry, known by his stage name “Quan Neutron,” taught himself to dance when he was five years old. He appreciated CCSU for hosting the event so his crew PLATIM3, could be challenged and grow as dancers.
“Me and my group were just like we just so hungry for like the dance style,” said Neutron. “We like staying out of trouble, like doing positive things, like we just like challenging ourselves more in our crafts. That’s what we do, we just came here to challenge ourselves.”
The crews enjoyed seeing what the best dancers of the state had to offer and how it would inspire them for future choreography.
All night the crowd was into the dancing to the point where several audience members bolted to the stage and danced to the infamous song, “Watch Me” by singer Silento.
Audience member Marta Komosinska, was impressed with all the dancers and loved the idea of them coming to CCSU to show what they were made of.
“They have to show it to the world,” said Komosinska. “Otherwise they have no other way of growing themselves or if people are liking them or if they, you know, are performing well or not.”
CCSU hopes to once again host the event so people could not only express themselves with words, but also with their bodies.