Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

Longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has died - The Verge

The entertainment world had to say goodbye to arguably one of the greatest hosts of all time: Alex Trebek.

After gracing audiences with 37 seasons of “Jeopardy!” the man with all the answers, passed away on Nov. 9 from stage four pancreatic cancer. But this isn’t an official goodbye to the five-time daytime Emmy award winner though, because he will still live on our televisions for years to come and in our hearts.

Even if you can’t remember specific episodes, you surely remember the Canadian-American’s voice that poured out on our grandparents televisions on full blast while they screamed the answer before the contestant even had a chance to respond to Trebek.

There’s nothing quite like a positive long-lasting figure in the entertainment world. Trebek maintained his wholesome image after 8,200 episodes of “Jeopardy!” which surpasses the ‘The Price Is Right” host, Bob Barker, in the Guinness Book of Records as the person who hosted the most game shows.

Many aren’t aware that Trebek was a journalist before being a TV host and it prevailed in his ever-going thirst for knowledge; “Jeopardy!” made viewers tap into all the areas of their brain they may have forgotten about, missed or haven’t even achieved yet.

“I remember when ‘Jeopardy!’ first came out, I fell in love,” Bettye Reed, an elderly, long-time fan of the show, said.

“Alex was young and it peaked my curiosity as a writer and just a person,” Reed continued. “‘Jeopardy!’ was the game that really took me for a loop and I watched all the game shows back then and still to this day.”

“I am about to be 76 years old and I still watch. It[Jeopardy!] keeps my mind going and I need that especially during this pandemic where I haven’t really left the house since April, I miss it. But re-runs of ‘Jeopardy!’ are more than enough to keep me refreshed, I’m going to miss Alex.”

Generations will always know Trebek for everything he has done and the re-runs that our children will watch on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and all the other future streaming services to come.

We’ll choose the greatest host for $1500, Alex Trebek!