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Editor’s Column: To My Fellow Staff

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2019

Editor's Note: This column originally referenced another article that was removed from the final version of this weeks print issue. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  It's hard to process how quickly 15 wee...

Editor’s Column: Hang In There

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2019

You never realize how much you have to do until it's almost too late. Suddenly, it hits you – finals? What finals? And before you know it, you're knee-deep in a few double-digit papers, two oral presentations and three tests...

Editor’s Column: Study Abroad – You Won’t Regret It

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2019

By far one of the most liberating and educational things I've done throughout my three years here at Central Connecticut involved traveling to two places that possessed more history, more conflict and more culture than I could...

Editor’s Column: Keep Fighting, CCSU

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

April 16, 2019

It's difficult to see a place you love so much drown in such hate. To say the last two weeks have been rough for Central Connecticut is an understatement. Our campus has been stained with not one, but two acts of bigotry that...

Editors Column: The Good, The Bad, The Anonymous

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

March 26, 2019

Anonymous sources are often a big no-no in the journalism world. Critics would say they lack transparency, accountability and, often, credibility. They're often deemed as unethical as well. Anonymity is never ideal, but let's...

Editors Column: Stop Obstructing Our Job

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

March 6, 2019

There may be a fox in the henhouse. Central Connecticut is in the process of "restructuring" the Media Center with the intended goals of "[improving] both classroom and academic technology support [and] aligning the Center’s functions with t...

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