Editor’s Column: To My Fellow Staff

Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: This column originally referenced another article that was removed from the final version of this weeks print issue. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 

It’s hard to process how quickly 15 weeks went by. I came in as Editor-in-Chief optimistic, excited, a bit scared and so pleased with the staff that had been put in place. I knew we were going to accomplish great things, but I could have never imagined the amount of pride I would feel every Wednesday when I saw everyone’s work displayed in our 16-page publication. I know this semester was hard, and I know some of it may not have gone as planned, but I couldn’t imagine a better group of people beside me these past four months.

We’ve covered some of the most important stories I believe this university has ever seen. From Kristina’s investigation into Mihai Bailesteanu to the CCSU Police Department lawsuit, the nearly year-long sexual misconduct investigation and more, I like to think we’ve informed our campus to the best of our ability.

On a brighter note, the Sports and Arts & Entertainment sections have seen a variety of heartwarming and eye-opening stories that have highlighted some of the best our campus has to offer. From community events and performances to sporting events that have shined a bright light on our rams, both Natalie and Patrick have showcased how amazing our campus truly can be.

Above it all, I’ve witnessed a paper that’s not afraid to speak the truth. The Recorder has brought out both the good and the bad and has taken more risks than I ever thought possible along the way.

I’m sad to see so much talent go. To those of you who are graduating – Patrick and Shaina – I hope you both know how talented you are, and I hope you both know how much you mean to me. There is no way I could have made it through without you. Both of you have helped make The Recorder the publication it is today, and I can say with confidence that it won’t be the same without you. Lucky for you, your future employer will have the privilege of seeing all the incredible work you crafted throughout your time here. I have no doubt that graduating may seem scary, but I know you’re both going so much further than you even realize.

I am fortunate enough to say that this isn’t goodbye. I still have another year here and have every intention of continuing to contributing to what this publication has to offer. I may not be the editor-in-chief, but I’m honored to say I get to still be a part of such an amazing team. To those of you who have helped make this semester what it was – all of you – thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.