Gossip Girl Actor Teases Possible Reboot


Courtesy of HBO Max.

Jonathan Fernandez as Nick Lott in Gossip Girl.

Alexis Dascher, Staff Writer

While HBO Max canceled the Gossip Girl reboot just days before season two’s finale, Jonathan Fernandez, who played Nick Lott in the series, hopes for a revival.

“Fingers crossed for a revival, but we shall see if it’s possible,” Fernandez said. 

Fernandez discussed the series’ audition process and his conversations with the creators and producers. 

“My first audition was a studio test and a chemistry read with Whitney Peak,” he said. “I was in a room with the casting director, Cassandra Kulukundis, and the executive producers.”

According to Fernandez, the audition was at Warner Bros., where he formerly worked on Lethal Weapon.

“I had just spent three years working there,” he said. “Peak and I were joking together right off the beat, and it felt like I had known her all my life.”

Fernandez said the audition was enjoyable and everyone was welcoming. 

“It’s rare for an audition to feel fun straight away, but we felt comfortable and everyone in the room was very warm,” he said. 

According to Fernandez, he was thrilled to receive the role of “Nick Lott” and be a part of the Gossip Girl universe. 

“I went from sidekick on my last show to Atticus Finch-type dad very quickly,” he said. “It was extremely exciting.”

Fernandez said the series was shot at the height of the pandemic, so it wasn’t easy to get the cast together. 

“We all had good relationships, but since I saw Peak and Jordan Alexander the most, I hung out with them the most,” he said. 

Fernandez said he is from New York, but he now looks at the state differently. 

“We got private access to shoot at a lot of New York institutions and I’ll be forever grateful for those experiences,” he said.

Fernandez said the cancellation of the series left a lot unfinished and unexplored. 

“It felt like we had only just gotten started, like we had only just started to sink our teeth into the world and into our roles,” he said. 

Fernandez described the cast as unique and special. He also said he was honored to be part of the series. 

“I was especially jazzed about working with people who have Tony’s!” he said. “I was perpetually inspired to be amongst such talent.”