CCSU’s Nasir Smith Represents Blue Devils at Pro Day


(Photo: CCSU Athletics/Steve Mclaughlin Photography)

Michael Killeen, Staff Writer

The Central Connecticut State University Blue Devils had three players from their football team invited to attend a joint Pro Day with students from Sacred Heart University and the University of Connecticut.

Nasir Smith, senior running back, was among the players from CCSU called up. He attended the Pro Day with his fellow Blue Devils at Shenkman Training Center in Storrs. Smith said being invited to participate in a Pro Day was a blessing.

“It definitely was a dream come true,” Smith said. “This is something I wanted to do, and I’ve been preparing for that for two months.”

Despite all Smith has achieved during the Pro Day, he said he still thinks there could have been some stuff he could have done better.

“But overall, it was a pretty good day,” Smith said.

When attending the Pro Day, Smith said he noticed scouts from the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, and other teams. He said there were about thirteen teams in total. But along with those teams, he also said there might have been one team from the Canadian Football League attending the Pro Day, but Smith was not sure.

Smith said that the drills that he performed felt routine.

“I was working on that, like I said, for two months straight,” Smith said. “So, everything was just normal. I actually wasn’t nervous, which I was surprised about.”

Smith said he thought that overall every player did good, but didn’t watch their performances as much since he was the only offensive player called up out of the three.

“I was so locked in,” Smith said. “I wasn’t trying to, you know, worry about other things.”

Smith said it was a blessing to be selected from everyone on the offensive roster since not everybody gets a chance to showcase their skills, especially since NFL scouts can overlook CCSU in favor of more prominent schools such as Alabama, Michigan, or Texas.

“You got to go out there and represent,” Smith said. “We come from a small school. So, you know, like you said, we get overlooked. You got to show them that small schoolboys can play with the best of them too.”