NBA Teams Scramble For Positioning

Marquis Adams, Staff Writer

With the National Basketball Association season nearing its conclusion, the No. 5  through No. 10  teams are scrambling for playoff positioning.

With just a few games remaining for most teams, it’s become one of the most exciting conclusions to an NBA regular season in recent history. The playoffs are around the corner, and even though we’re this late into the season, the playoff matchups are still undecided.

Back in 2020, the NBA created something called The Play-In Tournament. This is where the No. 7 through No. 10 seeds will compete for the last two playoff spots before the playoffs begin.

Ever since this was created, there has been a higher level of competition that’s taken place towards the end of the season, as teams now within the No. 10 seed have a fighting chance to have their playoff dreams realized.

This year has been a beneficial and entertaining regular season, especially in the West.

Teams seeded No. 5  through No. 10 have been battling it out these last few weeks, as every game matters. One loss could decide between a team being the No. 5 seed or the No. 8 seed.

Take the current standings, for example; the Lakers and Pelicans have a 41-39 record (No. 7 and No. 8 seeds, respectively). If either team were to win just two games, they’d be the No. 5 seed and could avoid the play-in entirely. That’s how close the playoff seeding has been.

So, you see why the intensity has been at an all-time high and why teams are fighting every game to avoid the play-in or make it.