OPINION: SGA Will Change for the Better


Julia Jade Moran

We are currently in the campaign period for SGA senators, voting starts next Wednesday, April 12th.

Haneen Alkabasi, Opinion Editor

For those who don’t know, I have been elected as Student Government Association President for 2023-2024. Being the opinion editor allows me to represent the student body by hearing what students have to say. I encourage all students to write opinion pieces on any concerns they have. Using the media to your advantage will create the change you want to see on campus.

Why is SGA important?

I was discouraged to get involved in politics from a young age because people like me don’t go into politics. As an immigrant, politics is deemed as dangerous and corruption follows soon after. That being said, I had a strong interest in politics growing up because it impacts all of us in one way or another. I came to realize this is the exactly why I should run for student government.

When you hear SGA, what comes to mind? Hopefully, it’s student advocacy and club funding, rather than allegations or corruption. SGA is composed of the executive board and 30 senators who are meant to be voices for students. You elect us every year to represent you, so we should do our part. Not only do we make connections with the student body, but we also work alongside administration to achieve a common goal of making students happy. We pay thousands of dollars into tuition, we should at least be happy to be here. Plus, happier students means better enrollment, which increases SGA’s budget to create change for the student body.

What changes do I want to make in SGA?

Where do I start? I would say my biggest concern is conflict of interest. SGA members should not be voting on motions for clubs that they lead. The abstain option is there for a reason. At the end of the day, everyone has biases, but senators should see it from the lens of what the students want and not what they want. Equity should be a priority, and the standards we hold for one club should be held for the remaining clubs.

Equity plays a big role in allocating funds for clubs and organizations, which is a concern I have come across. I think that we should disclose all the base budgets when we send out the decisions for the following year. All of this information is on the Club Central website, but I don’t think students should have to go digging for it. I understand why SGA members may be hesitant to do this, because people might have something to say. However, we should be able to justify the decisions we make. SGA’s budgeting process needs to be transparent.

Another concern I noticed is leadership. We all lead in different ways, but inclusivity should be at the forefront. I want to listen to the people around me, and make informed decisions. I think leaders should never act alone in what they do. Disagreement is bound to happen and it’s not a bad thing, as long as you truly listen, especially to those you disagree with. It’s important to share ideas and differences to come up with a productive solution. The best leaders are willing to compromise because your way isn’t the only way, and I will keep that in mind throughout my term.