Malibu Paytas Hits the Sunny Six


Courtesy of @trishapaytasbackup on Instagram.

Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon hold their daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon.

Alexis Dascher, Staff Writer

It has already been more than six months since Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, or reincarnated Queen Elizabeth to some, was born on Sept. 14, 2022.

On March 21, Paytas posted a YouTube video with her husband, Moses Hacmon, discussing Malibu’s six-month progress.

Paytas and Hacmon started the video with all smiles, and Malibu was sporting a pink and white outfit.

According to Paytas, the past six months have had many milestones.

“She’s [Malibu’s] very tall, loves to stand, loves to eat, and she loves to play with her feet,” Paytas said. “They do change so much every single day.”

Paytas said Malibu has started to eat solid foods, but is still drinking formula for nutrients.

“She does drink out of cups, like little sippy cups,” Paytas said.

According to Hacmon, Paytas and himself cut strips of their food to give to Malibu.

“Whatever she eats, we just cut a strip of it, and she just chews on it,” Hacmon said. “She breaks it down into pieces and just munches on it.”

Hacmon said Malibu has no desire to crawl, sits up alone, and wants to start walking.

“If she wants to go somewhere, she knows to take the steps, like you hold her, but she’ll walk towards the thing,” he said.

Paytas and Hacmon said that all babies are different, adding that Malibu does not like being in a swaddle.

“Don’t listen to Google,” Paytas said. “Listen to your doctor, listen to your baby, because babies are smart, and they know what they’re ready for.”

According to Hacmon, Malibu has started hugging.

“When we play, we’ll chase each other she, like, grabs me so hard,” he said.

Paytas said Malibu enjoys smiling and laughing.

“Whenever she sees you [Paytas], she tries to laugh, and she goes back and forth laughing,” Hacmon said. “I wake up, and she looks over, and she just immediately smiles.”

According to Hacmon, Malibu is testing out her vocal range.

“She’s practicing her voice and how loud she can scream and how soft she can talk.”

According to Paytas, Malibu sleeps through the night.

“She’s sleeping so good now,” she said. “We do bath, bottle, bed.”