University Will Not Take Further Action Against Assault Allegations

Katherine Neilan, Staff Writer

Central Connecticut State University’s administration will not be taking further action on the sexual assault allegations that were made in September, according to an email from President Zulma Toro released on Tuesday, February 28.

The university evaluated the situation with the assistance of an outside law firm and concluded that there was insufficient information about the allegations, the email stated.

“We understand that this may be frustrating,” Toro wrote. “But CCSU is committed to complying with all applicable laws, and to ensuring student privacy.”

The investigation began after a viral video of a female student telling a member of the IRC that she wished there were fewer people in student government who are “accused of rape, such as you” circulated on social media.

At the time of writing, the student facing these allegations was currently the president of the Student Government Association (SGA), which has led to strong reactions from people on campus.

Three days prior to Toro’s statement, a student attending the Elect Her event asked SGA members on the panel how they could stand by a leader who has been accused of sexual assault.

The director of the Women’s Center, Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin, addressed the question after the panel chose not to make a comment.

“Until an individual is found in violation of a university policy, that person has the same rights as anyone else on this campus,” Cobbina-Boivin said.

The annual Clery Report revealed that there were ten reported cases of rape in 2021. According to school officials, no student has formally made a complaint this school year regarding sexual assault.

In Tuesday’s email, Toro encouraged any victims to come forward, either in person or through a trusted advisor. She also added that alleged victims or respondents will be given the right support services even if a complaint was not made.

“We would like to reiterate that campus safety is one of our top priorities,” Toro wrote. “And we remain committed to proactively supporting a campus free of sexual misconduct.”