President Toro Announces Investigation of Sexual Assault Reports


Madeline Wilson, News Editor

CCSU is investigating claims of sexual assault according to a statement from President Zulma Toro released on Wednesday following a viral video accusing a member of the Inter Resident Council of rape.

According to school officials, no students have formally contacted the administration about their experiences. 

Samantha Wilson publicly accused the same person of rape in 2018 on Twitter before he was a student at CCSU. Wilson said she is aware of several other women who claimed to have been assaulted before and after her, but none of them have spoken publicly.

“I knew this was going to happen, it just so happens that this is the day that it does,” she said.

The viral video that prompted the university’s response was taken and posted to Tik Tok that same day, and features a girl telling a member of the IRC that she wished there were fewer people in student government who are “accused of rape, such as you.”

Since this video was posted, students have reacted strongly to the issue and planned a peaceful demonstration to take place Friday at noon in the center of campus to “demand CCSU take immediate action against sexual violence on campus,” according to a poster circulating social media.

On Wednesday, Toro’s statement urged students to contact Vice President for Equity & Inclusion Craig Wright with any information regarding the case and assured her commitment to the university’s “no-tolerance policy” in regards to sexual assault.

In response to question today, the administration confirmed that they made the decision to bring in an “independent investigator” and reiterated that students with any information should contact Wright to file a formal complaint.

“It’s surreal, it’s time-consuming, it’s draining, it’s depressing, but it’s what needs to happen,” said Wilson.