Men’s Soccer Lose to Sharks for Seventh Straight Defeat

Adam Proud, Contributer

Central Connecticut State’s men soccer team suffered their seventh defeat in a row on Sept. 26 as they fell to a 1-0 loss against the LIU.

The first five minutes of the match got off to a cagey start for both sides, with the two teams moving the ball end to end.

The game’s first chance came with over 40 minutes to go as Sean Gannon’s shot was saved by LIU keeper Demetri Skoumbakis.

It took some time for LIU to make any threat on the Blue Devils’ goal, their first actual attack came with 31 minutes remaining, but some good defending from CCSU meant there was no real scoring opportunity.

In the first 15 minutes, the Sharks did not make a shot as both sides failed to capitalize on attacking opportunities in the final third of the field.

The ball was mainly kept in the middle of the field as a very physical game between the two sides progressed, with seven fouls being called in the first 20 minutes.

LIU had their first chance on goal with 22 minutes remaining from a free-kick, but the Blue Devils’ Jason Dubrovich saved the header on goal.

The Sharks turned up the pressure in the final 15 minutes, keeping the ball in the Blue Devils’ half and giving CCSU no real opportunity at gaining possession.

The first half saw no real goal-scoring opportunities; however, the two sides tied at 0-0 come half-time.

LIU started the second half off well as they controlled possession when CCSU struggled to get the ball out of their half.

With 36 minutes to go, there was a quick counterattack from the Blue Devils after LIU failed to make a corner work out, but the attack was cut short as CCSU could not create an opportunity to score.

As the second half of the game continued, both teams were not making an accurate impression on the goal, with two sides in a close battle in the middle of the field.

The Blue Devils continued to have some chances, but a corner with 16 minutes left failed to mount any pressure on the Sharks.

LIU began to attack CCSU in the final 15 minutes. Finally, with 10 minutes to go, they made a breakthrough as Andre Puente put the ball in the back of the net to put the Sharks 1-0 up.

CCSU needed to respond to the late goal and attack with some urgency straight from kick-off, yet they could not make it count in the final third of the field.

LIU took victory as the Blue Devils could not find an answer to Puente’s goal, meaning CCSU is yet to be victorious this season.