Students’ Cancer Survival Inspires Club on Campus

Meshail Alvi, Contributer

A senior at Central Connecticut State, Sydney Beckwith, decided to organize CCSU’s first “Cancer Awareness Club” last April.

Although Beckwith created the club in April 2020, this is the first semester Beckwith can begin conducting club meetings, events and signing up new members for the semester. The club has generated popularity on campus, with 91 students already signed up.

For Beckwith, creating this club was very personal to her past. Not too long ago, Beckwith was fighting cancer in 2013 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After months of chemotherapy treatments and many hospital visits, Beckwith was officially cancer-free on June 4th, 2013.

“I’m proud of being a survivor and love talking about my experience with others,” Beckwith said.

After going through a life-altering diagnosis, Beckwith reflected on her opportunities, such as meeting new people and listening to their unique experiences. This was when she had the idea to bring these opportunities to CCSU to help inform other students.

Beckwith’s club makes others aware of cancer patient’s struggles and survivor’s personal stories.

Beckwith desires to create awareness of how easy it is for cancers to spread within our student body here at CCSU.

“Before my own experience, I hadn’t realized how vulnerable the student community could be to cancers such as cervical cancer,” she said. “This could be very severe and sometimes deadly.”

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers within student populations today. Preventative measures for this diagnosis can be done through safe sex, regular STD testing, and making the public aware of Gardasil vaccination.

For those interested, the “Cancer Awareness Club” will be hosting many events for all students at CCSU. Their first occasion will be “In the Eyes of a Childhood Warrior” on Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. in Alumni Hall.

This event will feature guest speakers talking about fighting cancer or how cancer has shaped their lives as survivors.

Another upcoming event hosted by the club is “Devil’s Den Price is Right Game Night” on November 11th. Prizes will be given out to those who participate, and the event is free for all students!

The “Cancer Awareness Club” meets in the Sprague Carlton Room located in the Student Center two Thursdays a month at 5 p.m. Meetings for the club are optional, so students may participate whenever their schedule permits. For students not on campus, club meetings may also be accessed via Microsoft Teams.

Students who are survivors of cancer, interested in joining, or would like to be a guest speaker can email Beckwith at [email protected]