Pop Star Kesha Set To Perform a Virtual Concert at CCSU

Kelly Langevin, Managing Editor

CCSU music fans, buckle up. Pop star Ke$ha is set to perform a virtual concert on April 24, at 8 p.m. in Arute Stadium.

The concert hosted by Central’s Activities Network [CAN] had to get a little creative with the logistics of how everything would work around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

CAN president Nadia Santone said there is general admission seating for Arute’s stands. It is first come first serve and there is a capacity limit around 200 people according to Santone. Social distancing will also be enforced.

“So in the stadium there are little stickers that are six feet apart and people have to sit on those stickers and stay that way throughout the concert,” Santone said.

Another option to secure a spot in Arute Stadium is the VIP area. This special treatment allows students to sit up close right on the field and see Kesha from a whole other level.

According to Santone to access the VIP area, students needed to enter a contest and submit their posts to CAN’S Instagram.

Before the concert begins, Santone said there will be two food trucks, free merchandise and music playing to get the party started. For the lucky VIP winners, Santone said there will be glow swings, glow seesaws and merchandise only offered to them.

If you don’t make it into Arute stadium, Santone said there is overflow seating available in Welte Auditorium and Alumni Hall, located in the Student Center.

Want to stay home? Not a problem. Student’s can access the concert right from their phone or mobile devices.

To find out more information visit CANS Instagram account @can_ccsu and by watching the video below.