Connecticut’s Plan For Vaccine Rollout

Kelly Langevin, Managing Editor

Severe weather is not only impacting the commute to work or housing conditions, but how fast individuals can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Connecticut, however, may be prepared for these delays.

Andy Slavitt, the White House Senior Advisor on the COVID-19 Response Team, announced on Friday that there are delays in vaccine delivery and administration due to the country’s harsh weather conditions.

“As of now, we have a backlog of about 6 million doses due to the weather,” Slavitt said. “All 50 states have been impacted.”

According to Slavitt, those 6 million doses represent about three days of delayed shipping, and many states have been able to cover some of this delay with existing inventory.

Governor Ned Lamont issued a statement last Thursday about CT vaccinations.

“Almost all of our doses for this week have arrived, so we don’t anticipate any big delays. There may be some small delays,” Lamont said.

According to News 8 (WTNH), most of the vaccines were able to be administered before the significant delays started happening. CT received up to about 90,000 dosages while around 100,000 were expected.

News 8 also said that “CT state officials do have a strong network setup to move vaccines in one location to the other to compensate for any delays in shipment if that does become an issue.”

One of the main issues does not lie within CT, News8 reported, but more so down south.

“It’s not the highways we are seeing in CT, it is the roads down south and up north. The vaccines are coming from far away. Some come by plane but it is mostly by truck,” Slavitt said. “All of our workers have been snowed in and unable to get to work.”

Slavitt urged vaccine sites across the country to extend their hours and try to reschedule as many people as possible as “significantly more supplies arrives.”

“Even if we manage the weather on the one hand we are pushing ahead to get more vaccines to more places to get more Americans vaccinated,” Slavitt said.

Slavitt announced five major additional vaccination centers. One is in Pennsylvania and there are four in Florida. The site in Pennsylvania will be able to administer around 6,000 doses per day, while the sites across Florida all together will total approximately 12,000.

Despite vaccine setbacks, a new site has opened in New Britain. Mayor Erin Stewart tweeted a flyer last week that a new center would be located at 1 Liberty Square in New Britain. This is one of many cites listed.

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