Artist Spotlight: Vicente Garcia


Screenshot by Julia Conant

Garcia shows off some of his favorite stainless steel pieces.

Julia Conant, Lifestyle Editor

Last week’s Artist Spotlight gave curious students and art lovers a glance into Central Connecticut State University professor Vicente Garcia’s life.

Nearly 100 people tuned into Webex at 7 p.m. last Thursday to view Garcia’s live pottery demonstration.

Garcia is an art professor at Central who specializes in Ceramics. In his home in Simsbury, Connecticut, Garcia has a self-built ceramics studio.

“There came a point where I needed a space,” Garcia shared. “[My wife and I] bought this piece of property where we have about three acres and the whole idea was to build my studio.”

With the help of a friend, construction on the studio began in October of 2004. Garcia said it took 18 months of continuous work to finish building the studio. He shared progress photos as he described the process.

“The sweet thing is that, starting from the ground up, I was able to design it,” Garcia said. “I saw [the studio] as a work of art itself.”

Before the pandemic, Garcia hosted a workshop at his studio once per semester for his ceramics students.

Before moving to Connecticut in 1995, Garcia lived and studied in Texas. He shared that his experience with ceramics began in high school.

“When I started working with clay, my teacher did not tell me that potter’s wheels existed,” Garcia recounted. “So I got pretty good at hand building.”

Garcia became so skilled at sculpture throughout his four years in high school that he received a full ride to the University of Texas—Pan American.

“I stayed there for six years and I earned enough credits to earn two degrees,” Garcia said. He received a bachelor of fine arts in both ceramics and sculpture. “I would’ve stayed there longer, but they told me I had to move on.”

Garcia received his master’s degree from the University of North Texas and immediately went on to be a full time professor.

“I like to tell people that I have been in school all my life,” Garcia said. “I started with kindergarten and I’m still in school, but I’m on the other side now.”

Throughout the night, Garcia showed the audience his workspace and took them through the process of making a ceramic vessel. He spun clay on his potter’s wheel, rinsed a ceramic pot and showed some of his favorite pieces.

“It’s exciting to be able to share my space and the kind of work that I do,” Garcia shared. “You guys are stepping in when I’m working in one of my favorite forms. The vase, the vessel, especially the ones in classical forms.”

Garcia showed his extensive amount of pottery he has made and said he needs to get rid of some because he is running out of room. He sells his work on and prices range from $10 to $9,500 depending on the piece.

Garcia also has an Instagram page, which boasts over 80,000 followers. He posts videos and photos of his pottery, garnering worldwide attention. If you would like to keep up with Garcia, his Instagram handle is @vicentegarciaart.