Family Feud With The CCSU Family


Screenshot by Julia Conant

Team three could not come up with the fifth answer and steal team two’s points.

Julia Conant, Lifestyle Editor

In the week leading up to the first day of classes this semester, the office of Student Activities and Leadership Development  introduced an initiative to keep students involved in the campus community while maintaining social distancing.

The lineup of events was titled “STAY INvolved,” and featured photo captioning contests, TikTok challenges, trivia, bingo games and other ways to get involved virtually.

“CCSU has exciting news,” an Instagram post from @ccsusald on Jan. 15 said. “From January 19th-25th we have virtual programs EVERY day available for students. Keep an eye on our ‘STAY INvolved’ highlight to keep up with the fun we have in store!”

 The final event of “STAY INvolved” week was a virtual “Family Feud Game Show,” held on Microsoft Teams. 

“This interactive game pits contestants against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to survey questions,” the @ccsusald Instagram post said. “You can win prizes throughout the show!”

Upon entering the Microsoft Teams call, students were split into three teams and pitted against each other two at a time in true “Family Feud” fashion. The host asked a survey question and the team representative who buzzed in first gave an answer. If the given answer appeared on the board, that student was given the option to pass or play.

If the team in play was able to provide all of the answers without receiving three strikes, they received all of the points. If not, the other team was given a chance to steal.

Some questions asked were, “Which animal sounds are you most likely to hear at a barnyard?” and “What is something kids wouldn’t do in the morning if it weren’t for their parents?”

After three rounds of play, the winning team was determined. However, with some time to kill, a few bonus rounds were played just for fun.

The winning team faced off against the other two teams combined into one. The now mashed-up team had a chance to regain their pride.

The winning team began the bonus round with a win, but the underdog mash-up team won the next two rounds.  They pulled ahead by knowing that “playing with your food” is something you shouldn’t do at the dinner table and stealing the winning team’s points.

Once the game ended, each member of the winning team received a $20 gift card and the other players at least won a night of bonding with their fellow peers through a game show.

Be on the lookout for more events that Student Activities and Leadership Development hold throughout the semester, as well as events hosted by other Central organizations.