Central Students React To Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Kelly Langevin, Managing Editor

Juliana Rosario, Junior, Sociology major

“We’re living at a moment in history that’s full of uncertainty in many aspects. Because of our economic, health and political crises, this past election was definitely one of the most significant events of the past decade. This year’s inauguration was impressive and inspiring. Kamala Harris, the United States’ first female vice president, has inspired thousands of women around the world and has shown them that anything is possible and we should never stop fighting for our dreams.”

Joseph Riley, 2020 Alumn, Criminolgy major

“After watching the inauguration, it made me seriously worried for our country. Not only did you see what looked like a serious amount of hatred, specifically from the armed forces there, but you could also feel the awkwardness that was overwhelmingly in the air. Over the last year we’ve seen what will go down as the most controversial election in history.”



Steve Scougall,Senior, Psychology major















“The inauguration went as well as you’d expect. Biden was responsible and had very few people attend the ceremony due to the current pandemic. It was refreshing to see a president give a speech about uniting our country instead of playing the party versus party game. Joe Biden was not my first choice and I disagree with him on many things, however, it’s clear his intensions are pure. Saving lives, fighting injustice and financial relief for those who need it most I believe are all movements we should get behind.”


Jenna Dube, Senior, Psychology major

“I’m looking forward to having Biden as president and hoping he’ll help unite our country considering how divided it has been in the last four years. I think he will help us heal from the pandemic and provide the relief Americans need. He’s not perfect, but he is what our country needs right now. ”