Stay In Your Cave For The Second Wave

Julia Conant, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

The second wave of COVID-19 is here and it is hitting Connecticut hard. As much as you may not want to, staying indoors could greatly reduce your odds of contracting the virus or spreading it to others. If you’re having trouble coming up with things to do in your house until the virus settles down, this list can help.

Decorate for the Holidays

Surely you have a box of holiday decorations sitting in your basement or attic. If not, many stores offer contactless delivery, so you can buy decorations of your choosing online. If none of those are viable options, you can always resort to cutting snowflakes out of paper. Spruce up your environment to make it a more enjoyable place to stay for extended periods of time.

Play Online Games with Friends

A potential reason why many people opt to ignore social distancing recommendations and gather in groups is because they want to socialize with friends. Thankfully, there are ways to do that without physically meeting. Spice up an average video call with a game like “Among Us” or These are both free games you can play right from your phone or desktop. “Among Us” allows for up to ten players per game and allows up to eight players per game.

Plan a Virtual Thanksgiving

While not being with your loved ones physically this holiday season may be strange, for the sake of not spreading COVID-19 around, it may be a good idea to conduct Thanksgiving dinner through Zoom. Swap recipes with the guests who make the best dishes and see how yours compare! And another positive to Zoom Thanksgiving: when your aunt hits you with the, “Why aren’t you going to law school?” or “Why are you still single?” question, you can pretend the WiFi went out and hang up.

Buy Masks

Of course, it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to put their lives on pause and never leave the house. Maybe people have appointments, work or classes that need to be attended in person. If that’s the case, it may be a good idea to stock up on masks. There are many online retailers selling homemade masks, including Etsy. Buying masks that fit your personal style (while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines) may influence you to wear a mask more often. Also, you would create less waste by buying reusable masks.

A few more months of staying indoors could save the world from so many casualties and bring us closer to normalcy faster. Together, we can slow the spread.