The Gossip Is Back

Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

“Hey Upper East Siders; Gossip Girl here,” with some news about the new “Gossip Girl” coming your way in 2021 from HBO Max.

There is nothing quite like the CW series we have all grown to love and adore for six seasons that all began in 2007 with the iconic characters: Chuck Bass (the privileged bad boy), Nate Archibald (the handsome sweetheart), Dan Humphreys (the up and comer), Blair Waldorf (the mean girl) and Serena van der Woodsen (the blonde wildcard.)

They are the center of the gossip that kept us reeled all the way into the show every week, faithfully. Though the cast won’t be the same, you can still count on the Upper East Side drama on the infamous Metropolitan Museum of Arts steps.

Gossip Girl' Cast: Meet the New StudentsHBO

This cast looks more like the eccentric youth of our generation and unlike the series back in the early 2000’s, social media has taken over our lives and futures as we know it.

Writer and producer, Joshua Safran, from the 2007 series said during the Vulture Festival in 2019 that “there was not a lot of representation the first time around on the show, I was the only gay writer I think the entire time I was there.”

“Even when I went to private school in New York in the ’90s, the school didn’t necessarily reflect what was on ‘Gossip Girl,’” Safran continued.

“So, this time around the leads are non-white. There’s a lot of queer content on this show. It is very much dealing with the way the world looks now, where wealth and privilege come from and how you handle that.”

This means get ready for new gossip with a twist that will discuss the topics many are afraid to even acknowledge.

One thing you can count on is Kristen Bell returning as the voice of the original Gossip Girl that made you excited hearing the opening credits while unfolding the drama throughout every single episode leaving you in pure shock.

We all know this 2021 cast has huge shoes to fill and if you don’t know the first fashionable Upper East Siders then Netflix has it all ready to go on a silver platter to dive into.

Make sure you stay in the loop!

“You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl.”