A Two-In-One Survival Kit

Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

This month has already been off to a rocky start. The yearly mid-terms, that no one ever anticipated to be taking online in the midst of a pandemic, and the 2020 presidential election that was ongoing for what felt like too long.

Despite who you voted for or the nightmare of an exam you have coming up, don’t lose hope because it’s all coming to an end thanks to the glorious Thanksgiving break. Here’s a few survival guide tips:

Plan Your Exams Accordingly: If you have more than one during the week this is a crucial step because there is one thing you surely don’t want to be: even more stressed. Take the time to space out your study sessions because after a few hours of continuous studying, things do not seem to stick the same and suddenly, you’re fizzled out.

Waiting until the last minute to cram is one of the worst things to do — even though it is common in the college world — save yourself the trouble.

Step Away From The Screen:  With nearly everything being digital now, school, work and spending time with friends on the nearest camera screen, it can be too much for the mind and the eyes.

Take a walk, grab something to eat and just breathe. Giving yourself time away from the madness contributes to your mental health in ways that one can not even imagine.

Focus On The Better Things: That may be hard to do when your professors may be giving last minute mid-term assignments and your phone is pinging with the latest political gossip but focus on what’s next.

Taking on an optimistic perspective can be difficult in pessimistic times but you will be grateful in the end. Day-dreaming never hurts when it’s positive and releases tension within your inner thoughts.

Just keep your mind on the break that is coming your way after you crush these exams. Let your mind be consumed with the hefty meal that is soon to follow on Thanksgiving and the quality time with your loved ones that you need more than you know.

Try not to be so hard on yourself.