How To Be Content While Being Single

Shwar Zaidi, Contributor

Staying single can be challenging, especially when humans are naturally social beings who want someone to understand them, love them and be there for in a romantic way. However, life isn’t worthy or not valuable just because you are on your own. There are benefits to being single and you can do so many things if you open your eyes. 

  1. Learn about yourself   

People say that when you are in a relationship, is the only time you can be worthy of being loved. That is false! Nobody can love you as much as you can love yourself. You have to learn about who are you as a person and your inner workings. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and to be alone at times to reflect; you can feel at peace when you realize your worth and the world moves differently when you become your own best friend.

A partner can never hold up the expectations and love that you have to give for yourself. There are loads of people in relationships who are miserable or not happy because they depend on others to love themSo discover yourself and love the person you are/can be in order to realize what you can offer to the world. 

     2.  Go out and meet new people/opportunities 

To find a relationship, you have to put yourself out there to be seen. It can boost your self-esteem to take risks and be spontaneous. If you want to meet new people, then go to a club or try something new like karaoke or volunteering (while also being safe with a mask and safe social distance methods).

You get to know who you are when you try new things and along the way, you meet engaging and unique people that you can click with and learn from. And who knows, maybe your right person will pop up too!

But, putting yourself out there would help you become busy with your own life and enjoy what the world has to offer. You do not need to wait for the perfect person to come and have the life of the party. You can go out there and do what you love to see what new experiences can help you grow. 

    3.  Be grateful for what you have 

Do you have a family who loves and support you? Be grateful and appreciative of them because some people do not have that luxury and support. If you have friends that care about you as well, go call them up and thank them while planning a hangout. Some people long for a simple, loyal companion by their side, romantic or not.

Do you have hobbies and goals you are passionate about? Is food or shelter provided for you? Do you have two eyes and a heartbeat? Count all of your blessings because all the good that comes in your world is a miracle. Just because you are single doesn’t mean nobody cares about you or that you are not loved. Look around you and see how much of an impact you make on other people’s lives through work, family, friends and study partners. It would be a weight off your shoulders when you count what you have versus what you don’t. Count your blessings.

    4.  Have Faith 

Lastly and most importantly, have faith. That means not giving up; keep going out there to meet new people because one day, you will find that special someone that will spark a connection. Stop longing and looking so hard but rather have hope that it will come when the time is right. Enjoy life because it is too short. Find yourself, love yourself and you will see that one day you will have what you wish for.