Find ‘Good Company’ in Sean Greene’s Artwork

Julia Conant, Contributor

Despite the lack of students and staff wandering around campus this semester, Central Connecticut’s Art Gallery is open and awaiting visitors.

Last spring, the campus was closed just two weeks before Sean Greene’s contemporary abstract art exhibition “Good Company.” After sitting in the gallery-going unseen for six months, Greene’s pieces are now on display for CCSU students, staff and faculty.

“Good Company” consists of paintings and free-standing pieces alike, all showcasing bright colors and shapes in various arrangements. The white walls of the gallery are now garnished in yellows, blues and colors in-between.

“The forms I use are intuitive shapes that develop in the painting process,” Greene said in his artist’s statement. “I find deep satisfaction in the way that these forms imply typography, symbols, graffiti and other forms of visual expression.”

Although born in San Francisco, Greene was raised here in New England. He received his bachelor of fine arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and his master of fine arts from University of Massachussets Amherst. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children and was awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in 2014.

“Sean Greene’s work exercises a profound appreciation of color, composition and pattern,” as stated by the CCSU website. “Sean’s work employs a populist language rarely found in contemporary abstract painting. The graphic ‘personalities’ developed in this work appear as emotionally diverse occupants of a social gathering exhibiting a myriad environment of sound, gesture and mood.”

A virtual talk was held on Thursday, Oct. 1, where Greene discussed his artwork via Zoom with members of the community.

“Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say about my art because I think it says what I want it to,” Greene captioned in an Instagram image promoting the Zoom event, “other times I can’t imagine saying everything that needs to be said!”

Those who missed the virtual artist talk and would like to see Greene’s artwork in person can find comfort knowing the CCSU Art Gallery has considered social distancing and health guidelines. Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and masks are available to visitors for free upon entrance into the gallery. Masks must be worn and patrons must stay six feet apart at all times.

To visit the gallery, students, staff and faculty must make an appointment online here. Visits can be scheduled for either 10 or 30 minutes, depending on the visitor’s preference. Upon making the appointment, patrons will be prompted to list any potential coronavirus symptoms they have and divulge whether they have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

As always, the show is free, as well as on-campus parking. The CCSU Art Gallery is located on the second floor of Maloney Hall.

“Good Company” will be on display until Friday, Oct. 16, at 4 p.m. Check the bookings website linked above to see specific viewing times.

Disclaimer: Julia Conant is a student worker for the CCSU Art Department.