Do Your Part And Wear A Mask… Or Don’t And Stay Home

Samantha Bender, News Editor

Since the pandemic first surfaced, one of the few things that have remained constant is the need to wear a mask.

While face coverings may hinder an individual’s style, they are required for a reason.

Face coverings are a preventative measure that protects individuals’ noses and mouths from contact with germs.

Still, many individuals have chosen to disregard the science behind it and forego wearing a mask in public places.

As a server in the restaurant industry, I’ve been appalled by the number of people who display a blatant disregard for the importance of wearing face coverings. Our restaurant has large signs placed around the patio, stating that a mask must be worn until people are seated.

We don’t have these signs and rules in place to be annoying. Trust me; we are not huge fans of wearing masks ourselves either.

The difference is, we do it because we care about the health and well-being of not only ourselves, but others too. We also are abiding by these rules to keep our restaurant afloat and our workers employed.

The amount of push-back I’ve received from customers when I’ve politely asked them to put on a mask, quite frankly, is sad. Of course, everyone is subject to their own opinion, but if individuals are opposed to wearing masks, they should not visit public places.

My coworkers and I put ourselves at risk each and every shift for our customers. Why can’t our customers help us out too by following the rules?

When I learned that Governor Ned Lamont announced that fines would be issued to those not wearing face coverings, I was relieved. Implementing a $100 fine to individuals who don’t follow the state’s mask order incentivizes people to put their ego aside and do what’s best for everyone.

I understand there are health conditions or other circumstances that prevent or hinder individuals from wearing face coverings, but those are situations that should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We all must wear masks due to the pandemic, otherwise, we shouldn’t be out in public; it’s just common sense.

I respect Governor Lamont’s new fines because they serve as a wake-up call that masks are not optional and just a cute accessory throughout the pandemic. They are crucial and help to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Just because you may not be scared of contracting the disease, think about those around you that are at higher risk.

Would you be able to sleep at night knowing that you potentially spread COVID-19 to someone because you didn’t feel like wearing your mask?

It is our duty as decent human beings to look out for others and act ethically. At this point in time, one of the best ways to display one’s morals is by wearing a mask.

We are all experiencing this scary, weird and unpredictable time together, so why can’t we all make it easier for each other?

Do your part by wearing a mask, or stay home.