RECentral Remains Open This Semester

Samantha Bender, News Editor

This semester looks a bit different in the C.J. Huang Recreation Center, as the building is enhanced with new cleaning protocols, social distancing measures and mask requirements as a result of coronavirus.

In order to keep student workers and gym-goers safe, they have spaced out equipment accordingly to provide six-feet between individuals. In addition to this, the recreation center has adopted a touch-less sign-in by barcode for student ID’s upon entry.

Student-workers have also undergone extensive training dealing with sanitization policies and procedures as well as their enhanced cleaning protocol.

Scott Kazar, Central Connecticut’s recreation specialist, stated the health and safety of students is his top priority. In the event that someone is seen lowering or taking off their mask, the staff is trained to politely ask them to place it back on.

“Our goal is to educate instead of just telling a student what to do,” Kazar said. “Wearing a mask is proven to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and as a strong believer in health and wellness, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of the CCSU Community.”

Masks are now required while in the recreation center, including while students are exercising, in-between machines and exercises and while entering or exiting the restrooms. 

Students with concerns about wearing masks due to medical conditions are asked to contact Student Disability ServicesThe RECentral website also recommends choosing a comfortable mask that adheres to mask regulations.

“Try your best to control the cadence of your breathing,” their website suggests. “Include rest portions in your cardio workouts. Instead of doing a continuous run on the treadmill, take a minute to decrease the incline or speed to catch your breath.”

The recreation center is continuing business operations and facility hours, their current availability will be seven days a week until 8 p.m., opening at 8 a.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. on weekends. 

While club sports have been canceled, intramural sports are continuing to take place with some changes, specifically less contact and fewer players at a time.

CCSU senior and intramural worker, Mackenzie Lalashuis, is looking forward to resuming her job, though she is one of the athletes missing out on her last season of club sports.

“RECentral is still doing their best to provide students with a sense of normalcy,” Lalashuis said.

Lalashuis has been to the gym since the start of the semester and says the cleaning procedures in place are for good measure.

“We are optimistic that by working together with you, we can preserve your safety and ours, and help curtail the spread of coronavirus,” the RECentral website reads.

Additionally, there are virtual workout options created for students who are looking to maintain their fitness from the comfort of their own homes. Already videos have been added to the recreation center’s website as well as their social media account. The recreation center is also reaching out to Student Wellness Services to see if they can collaborate for future events.

“Right now, we are focused on adding to our Virtual Outdoors section, with pre-recorded fitness classes coming soon,” Kazar said. “Students have already viewed our ‘CCSU Mile Run’ video over 1,000 times.”

To promote wellness, RECentral is sending out daily wellness messages through email, called “Daily Zen”.

All virtual classes can be found directly on their website under the “VirtualREC” tab. For more information about RECentral, visit their website