Staying Fashionable In The Midst Of Covid

Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

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I know things have gotten extremely complicated in the world since the coronavirus outbreak, especially for students. I used to look forward to showcasing my outfits in class and around campus, but without that privilege I have had to improvise while getting ready for this new online world.

I’ve come up with some “How To” tips on remaining fashionable from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Lipstick: You may have rolled your eyes at this tip, but lipstick can go a long way, trust me. There have been multiple days where I have found myself slugging out of bed to prepare for a Zoom call that I had no motivation for attending. So, I’d throw on a retro T-shirt, shake out my curly afro and apply a spicy lip color (you can never go wrong with red). Surprisingly, the subtle pop of color gives me an upbeat confidence making me ready to take on the digital challenge we now call life.
  2.  Earrings: Growing up, I was never an earring person; I never even got my ears pierced until I was fourteen and thought they never complimented my face or were too old looking. Boy, was I wrong? My sentiment towards the accessories has eased with the inception of the pandemic because there is nothing like adding a little flash to your face. From simple studs to elegant dangles, it gives your outfit character. Even if you’re just going to throw on your kimono and show from the shoulders, a pair of earrings will elevate the look. Oh, a little lip gloss helps too if you want to keep it quaint!
  3. Turtlenecks: Listen, I can hear you already, “it’s too hot for turtlenecks!” But the truth is, who is going to know that? That is what we have air conditioning for, and it’s not like we’re leaving the house anytime soon. Whether you’re a man, woman or non-binary, the right turtleneck looks amazing on everyone. There is something about the form fitting material that just flatters your every curve. Also, you can easily style it up with a necklace, blazer or just leave it as is. By the way, there are all different kinds of turtlenecks now: the classic tunic, mock neck, sleeveless and more. Take your pick, whatever choice you make I’m sure you’ll look amazing.
  4.  Blouse: Who complains about a good button-up or blouse? I can’t think of anyone. From the “Hire Me” look to a vintage classic, these tops could never go out of style. The best part is that each can be mixed with casual pants, skirt or even your comfiest pajama bottoms — no one is going to see below your stomach anyway so, have fun!

Things have been hard on us, students, faculty and just people in general. Our mental health has truly been tested by being locked indoors, but if there is anything I know, it’s that taking care of yourself physically can help you, even if it’s just for a moment during a Zoom call.

Reminding yourself of your beauty is crucial right now, and though there is no one to compliment you, take this time to appreciate who’s looking back at you in the mirror: you. Don’t let quarantining get the best of you, beat it by looking your best.