Netflix It: Money Heist

Mauriah Johnson, Lifestyle Editor

To honor the return of our favorite Netflix addiction, here’s the best memes for our favorite characters from ‘Money Heist’.

Okay, I can’t lie. I have fallen into the life of a slight Netflix binge with one of my foreign favorites: Money Heist [La Casa De Papel] that released their fourth season this April.

If you’ve never watched an episode before, don’t worry I have you covered but beware there may be some serious seasonal mini spoilers in here. I’ve got a lot to say about the liberated criminals in their infamous red jumpsuits and Dali masks but let us start from the beginning:

Season 1 – Have you ever thought about robbing a bank? If your answer is yes, tune in. If your answer is no, get ready to start contemplating. The first three episodes take some time to pick up as you get to meet our guardian angel “The Professor” and the chaos that follows with the rescue of Tokyo [a volatile robber].

But first, we must learn how the heist began and spend five months being schooled on the grand plan by The Professor. That is where we meet the recruits: Berlin [Professor’s right-hand man], Moscow [the tunnel digger], Denver [Moscow’s hot-headed son], Nairobi [the master counterfeiter], Rio [the young hacker] and last but certainly not least, Helsinki and Oslo [the military muscle]. For privacy purposes and to pull off the perfect heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, everyone’s real names must remain unknown but trust me, you’ll fall in love with them all.

Now, it’s time to print 2.4 billion euros. What wasn’t anticipated, however, was the intelligence of the Inspector on the case, Raquel. Once she takes her number two pencil and creates her iconic bun to match, she plays no games; it’s a good thing she’s met her competition in The Professor.

Oh, and you can’t miss the forever annoying hostage Arturo, the Director of the Royal Mint, who wants to be a hero while his secretary and lover, Monica, finds out she’s pregnant. It’s a good thing Berlin is the leader and what some would highly consider a stylish, narcissistic psychopath.

 Season 2 – The heist continues from season one and The Professor has completely managed to violate the number one rule: no attachments. Professor has transitioned from a mysterious man to the love interest of Raquel. Let’s just say her past romantic relationships and inability to detect The Professor as the man of the hour is undoubtedly questionable. I mean, Rio did install a killer voice coder so who can blame her.

Truth is, aside from The Professor being socially awkward and throwing off the police with his charmingly sneaky ways, Tokyo’s volatile nature took center stage inside the Royal Mint. As she begins to doubt the plan and The Professor, Tokyo demands to be in charge. Let’s just say that didn’t work out well with our narcissistic Berlin and it soon followed with Tokyo strapped down to a bed and rolled outside like a special sushi delivery to the police.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Monica, who is pregnant with Arturo’s child, is now falling for hot-headed Denver? Some twisted love is definitely in the air this season.

Season 3 – Season two may or may not have left us off with a successful robbery of the Royal Mint, but things have truly heated up for the gang. Despite the loss of a wrinkle-free member and another due to the annoying Arturo, along with a heartbreaking death of the sweetest robbers of them all, the heist continues. This time, it’s to save Rio.

In order to get Tokyo’s lover back, the inevitable has to happen and it involves the Bank of Spain. This time with new additions joining the heist: Palermo [the selfish co-mastermind of this robbery], Bogota [the sweet metal purification expert], Marseille [the rebel communicator] and our newest return favorites Stockholm [Monica] and Lisbon [Raquel] – Yes, Monica and Raquel. This team is ready to go to war for the social economy, money and Rio.

The only question is: are you ready for the unpredictable turning tables?

Season 4 – Wow, I have been waiting for this moment. Let’s just say, Netflix did not disappoint with this season. We’re back inside the Bank of Spain continuing where we left off and it has gotten real. Rio has returned —well sort of— and Tokyo has become a crumbling, heartbroken, alcoholic mess in the middle of the heist.

To add more chaos Palermo’s dying need to be in control has gotten them into a serious jam. The team is now hunting a killer security guard who has gotten loose inside the Bank of Spain, thanks to Palermo. Not to mention, Raquel has been captured by the newest inspector on the case, Alicia. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more captivating than a pregnant woman enjoying lollipops in her vintage suspenders with nothing to lose. The edge of your seat or bed will be the only place your body gravitates to when watching this season unfold.

There is nothing like an unexpected series and Money Heist does just that. I hope this brief summary mixed with a handful of spoilers will either jog your Money Heist memory, encourage you to tune in or soothe your inquiring mind. But please, don’t go trying to rob the Royal Mint or Bank of Spain — I  don’t think I could bail you out, I can’t even afford a plane ticket.