Decorating Wynwood Walls

Mauriah Johnson, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

In the heat of Miami, Wynwood Walls adorns the city, and is a great place to visit, especially if you’re looking for a free spring break adventure!

As soon as you hit the strip, your eyes will continuously bounce in the living colors so much so that you won’t even want to turn around and miss a single creative work — becoming the most interesting warehouses you’ll ever behold.

The once blank canvas district begins on NW 2nd Ave in the city, and was created by the late Tony Goldman in 2009. He initiated the idea of giving life to the windowless warehouses that surrounded the town in his graffiti street art, beginning on the 25th and 26th Street complex with just six buildings.

11 years later, over 50 artists from 16 countries have left their mark on more than 80,000 square feet of walls.

Just like the funky art, the music is jumping on every corner with a new beat and your taste buds will forever be pleased by the lingering smells of classic American, Cuban and Jamaican. Your stomach will love you no matter what choice you decide, trust me.

Faces of all ages and foreign souls travel from near and far to witness the life changing art that makes you reconsider your life, privilege and appreciation for art incorporating stories of all subjects: science, racism, diversity and most importantly your individual purpose and inspiration through the “Museum of the Streets.”

If you don’t believe me, don’t worry, I brought some memories back with me for all of you to see.

Disclaimer: Some of these spring activities involve leaving the state. It is advised that to protect yourself against the coronavirus, you stay in Connecticut until further notice.