Editorial: Leaving The Mess of Climate Change For Our Generation To Clean Up

Sea levels are rising, temperatures are fluctuating and ice caps are melting. These changes are not just starting, on the contrary some have been happening for so long they are virtually irreversible.

Despite years of research done by scientists proving human’s negligence causing these effects on the planet, little action has taken place to combat them.

Only recently have people begun seriously trying to better our planet. While this is in some parts due to more knowledge about our decisions impacting the environment , our past generations were still aware of these dangers yet not concerned with their future generation’s ability to live on Earth.

Instead of working to reverse climate change, some of humankind’s actions in the past in the past 100 years have ramped it up at a near unprecedented rate. The burning of fossil fuels, an increase in factories and oil fracking have sped up the destruction of our ecosystem.

Those behind the decision making for our planet have routinely been complicit in furthering the destruction of our environment or altogether ignored the problems facing it. This precedent does not exclude our own country’s leaders.

President Donald Trump has routinely dismissed climate change as being “fake news.” Before him, President George W. Bush cut the Kyoto Protocol as one of his first actions in office. Though Bush put forth other strategies to cut back on the United States greenhouse gases, backing out of the Kyoto Protocol because of it having setbacks to the United States economy was not a power move.

But this problem began long before Bush, it started with our societal ancestors that created the world we live in today — who may have believed they were making change in the most ‘humane’ and profitable way to their knowledge but in the end it is the cause of the current destruction of our home.

In 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that policymakers have just 12 years to avert the detrimental consequences of global warming, leaving us with only 10 more years to save our world from the chaos that was bestowed upon it.

The conversation that isn’t being had is the lack of change willing to be accepted in the generation before us that introduced the beginning of this new decaying earth that their grandchildren are trying maintain in order to survive for the hope of their potential offspring.

It’s understandable that the way to maintain the consistent survivable funds in the world of business is to continue the cycle that has created the foundation, but whats a business without a literal foundation to build on?

In order for growth to happen there needs to be change in our everyday lives and business, this generation can’t be the only saviors. Invest in renewable energies, buy energy-efficient appliances, use smart cars, recycle — just start caring about our planet and the future of the children that hope to take footsteps on our land that we have taken for granted for too long.

We have reaped enough of our generational curses.