Spread Kindness Without A Hesitation

Isabella Chan, Editor-In-Chief

It takes only a moment to make a person’s day. With Random Acts of Kindness Day being honored on Feb. 17, it is important to be mindful that kindness can be spread everyday. Although being kind requires one to go out of their way, it can become so easy that it can be a part of a person’s every day life.

  1. Hold the elevator door for someone — I see it happen all the time: you’re on the elevator and notice a person rushing to make it to the elevator as its doors are closing in. You make eye contact with them and debate whether or not to hold the door for them. Well let me make that decision for you easy and say just hold the door. The extra 30 seconds could make their day significantly better, offering them that chance to make it to their destination just in time.
  2. Give someone a compliment — Have you ever looked at a person’s outfit and thought “I want those jeans,” or maybe “where did they get their hair done?” I definitely have and often kick myself for not mentioning it to the person when I notice them. Giving a compliment makes people feel special and actually acknowledges them for their efforts. Words as simple as “you look nice” can boost a person’s confidence in mere seconds.
  3. Say “bless you” when a person sneezes — Sneezing in a quiet classroom is so awkward sometimes; it’s loud, kind of gross and generally a very unattractive look on a person. But that small moment of disgust can be erased by a person offering a simple “bless you!” That small phrase translates into a “I’ve been there, I get it,” which is honestly great.
  4. Allow someone to merge into traffic — Sitting in traffic is dreadful. Horns honking and bumper-to-bumper vehicles, it’s an absolute nightmare. The only thing worse than getting through traffic is getting into it! Squeezing into a lane can be dangerous but if someone is willing to allow a person to move in then all would be solved. The small gesture will likely add a bit of relief to that person’s drive.