Love In The Air At ‘Love Jones’

Shwar Zaidi, Reporter

Ndengo Mwilelo
The audience was captivated as students performed their talents of choice.
Ndengo Mwilelo
Justin Melville played the saxophone during his performance at Love Jones.

Central students celebrated Valentine’s week by partaking in a night full of singing, dancing and poetry.

The Ruth Boyea Women’s Center held its annual open mic event called “Love Jones” last Wednesday in Semesters.Love Jones” is based on the movie of the same title where two African Americans met at a club and fell in love. This event was for people to showcase their talents, whether it be through rap, dance or another medium. Students interested in performing were encouraged to register.

And register they did. Students came on stage with different performances of various topics such as romance, toxic relationships and finding love for themselves. Some people sang original songs, others wrote poems. There was a comedian, people dancing and others playing music. One student even showed off their saxophone skills.

Many people came out to support and enjoy the event. They cheered on their friends, or just watched and laughed while listening to great music.

Central student Haberdale Smith raved about the performances.

“I loved all the songs,” she said. “My favorite performance was a jazz player. It was a wonderful event.”

Another student, Dais Hernandez, loved the event as they thought it brought people closer together in preparation for the special day of love that is not only for couples and romance but also for people to have fun and hang out instead of having a lonely night. 

“I loved the event,” Hernandez said. “Having the CCSU family come out and support all the performers. Everyone’s energy was great. Love was definitely in the air.” 

According to one student, who was debating on whether it was worth going up on stage until finally, they decided to do so at the very end. It was quite nerve-racking but worth it.

One of the performers, Widemise Joseph, sang “Someone Like You” by Adele.

Joseph shared how they felt singing in front of their peers.

“I grew up performing such as singing, acting and dancing, so the stage is when I’m at my most comfortable since I’m pretty used to it,” Joseph said. “There is nothing about this event that couldn’t have been more perfect. I enjoyed the whole atmosphere where you can express yourself in a creative matter, even though I was ready to call it quits but I’m glad I didn’t.”

The Women’s Center, who hosted the event, is a safe, welcoming place for students to talk about sensitive topics such as sexuality, dating, women’s lives and culture. If you ever want to talk to someone, need a resource or just need a friend, the center is open for everyone, regardless of gender. They also have job opportunities and upcoming events. More information can be found on CCSU The Link.