A Mandatory Quarantine May Be The Reason U.S. Is Able To Contain Coronavirus

On Dec 31, China announced an outbreak of an unknown respiratory illness in the city of Wuhan. The strain, which is identified as a novel coronavirus (or “2019-nCoV”), has exceeded the severe SARS outbreak in 2002 and 2003 in China and it has spread worldwide.

Within 10 days of the outbreak, a new hospital was being constructed to help the ill, but just days from the opening, it is estimated it might not be ready soon enough. Chinese residents have seen their families struggle and eventually die from the virus. Now, they are experiencing the same symptoms and have nowhere to go or be treated.

“Getting treatment is so difficult,” The New York Times reported on Mr. Gan, a citizen of Wuhan. “We can’t get admitted to the hospitals. And there’s not enough medicine.”

Trying to take care of themselves and their loved ones, they are not sure if the resources are enough or will be delivered in time to aid those in need. Instead of being a part of the 457 recoveries, a patient might join the 361 deceased across the country, the China’s Health Commission reported.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed there are 28 countries in the world facing the 2019-nCoV cases, with the United States handling 11 cases themselves. However, President Donald Trump did not take long to sign a presidential “proclamation on suspension of entry as immigrants and nonimmigrants of persons who pose a risk of transmitting 2019 novel coronavirus external icon.”

Now, the airports that continue to permit flights from China with U.S. citizens and travelers returning from Hubei Province, will be put through a mandatory quarantine of up to two weeks prior to them traveling back to the U.S.. China’s foreign ministry was against this decision and claimed that “in the face of the public health crisis, countries should work together to overcome the difficulties and not shift one’s troubles onto others, let alone take advantage of people’s precarious position.”

While some are against the decision for Trump to go through the extra steps and putting them through thorough quarantine, he and the U.S. government are just being cautious to keep everyone safe from the virus. Federal health administration officials have emphasized repeatedly that currently, the risk of contracting the coronavirus in the United States is low but it is important to keep it that way.

“We are working to keep the risk low,” U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said at a White House press conference.

Azar described the new entry rules and quarantines as “prudent, targeted and temporary.”

What is important to remember is President Barack Obama performed a similar act in 2014 due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Despite the high level of concern of the virus potentially spreading in the U.S., national hospitals have been able to maintain it well. In fact, according to NBC News, the first patient diagnosed with coronavirus has just recently been released from the hospital.

The man, who chose to remain unanimous, was hospitalized at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, and will remain in isolation while he continues to recover at home.

“I appreciate all of the concern expressed by members of the public, and I look forward to returning to my normal life,” the man said in a statement.

Ten other patients have been confirmed to have coronavirus across the United States as the numbers remain low, likely due to President Trump’s and the U.S. Health and Human Services’ taking swift action.