The Return Of Demi Lovato

Natalie Dest, Reporter

More vulnerable than ever, pop sensation Demi Lovato makes an emotional yet long-awaited return to the music industry with her Grammy performance of her newest song “Anyone,” for the first time after a two-year hiatus. 

Before her near-fatal drug overdose during July of 2018, the former Disney star released her emotional ballad “Sober,” a song in which she revealed her relapse after six strong years of sobriety. 

Shortly after the release of “Sober,” her unreleased song “Anyone,” was reportedly written and recorded just 4 days before her overdose, CNN reports. Looking back at it, Lovato claims this song was a blatant cry for help in an interview with Apple Music’s “Beats 1” the Friday before her performance. 

“The lyrics took on a totally different meaning,” Lovato said. “At the time when I was recording it, I almost listen back and hear these lyrics as a cry for help. And you kind of listen back to it and you kind of think, how did nobody listen to this song and think, ‘Let’s help this girl.’”

During her time spent in a two-week hospital stay and in-patient rehab treatment, Lovato felt strongly about performing this song, given a chance to return to the spotlight. 

“I remember being in the hospital and listening to the song,” she recalled. “I just remember hearing back the songs I had just recorded and thinking, ‘If there’s ever a moment where I get to come back from this, I want to sing this song.’”

Straying from the public eye since her hospitalization, Lovato returned to the Grammys with a performance expected of triumph; which is exactly what she delivered. Dressed in a white gown on a more intimate stage in the center of the arena, the 27-year-old was accompanied by only a piano. 

Unable to release the opening notes of the song, Lovato had to restart, as a tear streaked down her cheek. Once she was able to gather the strength to start again, the singer began belting her story about her desperate and failed attempts at finding relief. 

“I tried to talk to my piano, I tried to talk to my guitar,” she began. “Talked to my imagination / Confided into alcohol / I tried and tried and tried some more / Told secrets ’til my voice was sore.” 

She continued on, confessing she feels stupid when she prays, that her wishes upon shooting stars always fail her, even with “a hundred million stories / and a hundred million songs / I feel stupid when I sing / Nobody’s listening to me.” 

“Anyone” captures the reality of Lovato’s battle against addiction, that her fans, sobriety coaches and faith in God were no recourse of help in her worst moment. Although the song is not considered a fast-pace, pop radio single, it is songs like this that are made for healing and demonstrating survival. 

After several tears and impressive belting, at the end of the performance, Lovato let out a smile of pride, and was met with a 20-second standing ovation. 

The pop-star went to Instagram and reacted on her performance stating, “What an unbelievable night. My first time back on stage in almost two years. So emotional for me. Thank you for all the love, support and for sharing this moment with me,” Lovato said. “I love you all.” 

Outlets such as Billboard, NBC News and USA Today, all claimed Lovato’s performance the best of the 2020 Grammys. 

But the Grammys weren’t the only stop for the singer; Lovato also performed the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV this past Sunday. Back in 2010, 17-year-old Lovato predicted her performance, tweeting “One day, I’m gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl. Onnnee dayyy….” 

The Washington Times is calling her rendition the “best since Whitney,” in addition to receiving high praise from multiple news outlets, music and sports fans. Lovato went to Instagram stating “A dream come true,” thanking the NFL for giving her an opportunity she’s dreamt of for the past 10 years.

Starting her new year off on nothing but a strong note, Lovato’s musical and personal efforts are being credited. Fans are hoping for more healthy and happy months to come for the pop-singer.

Although it is been unconfirmed exactly when Lovato’s newest albums will be released, fans are anticipating a record of triumph, vulnerability and the embodiment of being transparent with oneself.