News In Brief

CT Senator Urges Bill To Protect Domestic Violence Survivors: 

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is urging the Senate to adopt domestic violence prevention measures, the Hartford Courant reported.

During a press conference in Hartford on Monday, Blumenthal introduced the “Lori Jackson Domestic Violence Survivor Protection Act,” a law that would restrict a person subject to a temporary restraining order from accessing a firearm.

The goal, Blumenthal said, is for Congress to close a “dangerous gun access loophole” to help protect victims of domestic violence.

House Investigates Possible Lies By Trump During Russia Probe:

House Democrats are investigating whether or not President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Muller during the Russia Probe.

First reported by CNN, general counsel Douglas Letter said Trump “might have provided untruthful answers” during the now-finalized Russia probe.

Democrats have fought for months to see the redacted pieces of the 448-page Mueller report, which could reveal whether or not Trump gave false statements during the probe.

US Says Israeli Settlements No Longer ‘Illegitimate’

Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank will no longer be viewed as illegal under national law, according to an announcement on Monday from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The longstanding policy, which breaks with international law and consensus, was welcomed by Israel but is likely to flare tensions with Palestinians who have long called for the removal of all settlements.

Over half a million Jews live in roughly 140 settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, BBC News reported.

Pompeo said the decision would create the “political space” necessary for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jimmy Carter administration originally deemed the settlements as “inconsistent” with international law in 1978. Since then, BBC News said, the United States has deemed the settlements as “illegitimate” but not illegal.