News In Brief

Lamont Revisits $21 Billion Transportation Plan: 

Governor Ned Lamont is back with his $21 billion transportation plan. The only problem for skeptical legislators and state residents — it still includes tolls.

The plan, The Hartford Courant reported, involves fixing highway “chokepoints,” speeding up commuter rails and repairing old bridges. Most of the repairs would be financed through borrowing from the federal government.

In the meantime, Republicans took to the drawing board to work on a no-tolls plan. The plan, the Courant said, would involve spending billions of dollars to fix the state’s roads, bridges and railroads.

First Witness In Impeachment Inquiry Testifies: 

A top Pentagon official overseeing United States policy regarding Ukraine testified that President Donald Trump directed agencies to freeze aid to Ukraine, NBC News reported.

Laura Cooper described the hold as “unusual,” according to the transcript released from the Oct. 23 testimony.

According to Cooper, military aid to Ukraine was impacted as a result of the President’s concerns about “corruption” and that “immediately deputies began to raise concerns about how this could be done in a legal fashion.”

Cooper’s testimony comes as a result of House Democratic impeachment inquiry into Trump and Ukraine. So far, she has been the only Pentagon witness to testify.

Deadly Protests in Hong Kong Escalate:

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam is warning that the city is at a “brink of no return,” according to BBC News. Lam said the escalating unrest will not give way to protester’s demands.

On Monday, a man was set on fire just hours after another protester was shot by police. According to BBC, the unidentified man set aflame is in critical condition.

BBC reported that Monday saw petrol bombs, fires, barricades and disrupt travel. Protesters have blocked roads in over 120 locations, according to police.

Some workers have been sent home for safety reasons.