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Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

“When you don’t fit in, stand tall.” 

“Tall Girl” is about a movie about a girl named Jodi (Ava Michelle) who has always been insecure about her height. She is well known in her school as the tallest girl, and many people give her a hard time as they make fun of her height. They ask, “How is the weather up there?” which does not help with Jodi’s insecurity.

Jodi is friends with Fardeea (Anjelika Washington), a very confident and outgoing girl who never fails to entertain Jodi. But at the same time, Fardeea isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up to the people that make fun of Jodi, or to even tell Jodi the harsh truth if she needs it.

Dunkleman (Griffen Gluck) is also a friend of Jodi and doesn’t hide the fact that he is madly in love with her, despite her rejecting him because he isn’t tall enough.

Jodi has a great life with caring friends and family, such as her older sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter), who may be average height and a beauty pageant model, but always has Jodi’s back if she ever needs anything. But despite all that, Jodi still wishes she could fit in with the crowd and be an average height.

Her life changes unexpectedly when a foreign exchange student Stig (Luke Eisner) becomes her new classmate. The problem for Jodi is that many other girls are also after him because of his pleasing personality and charming looks. Especially the most beautiful yet malicious popular girl, Kimmy Stitcher (Clara Wilsey), who has bullied Jodi throughout high school.

Unfortunately, Kimmy isn’t as shy as Jodi when she tries to catch Stig’s attention and they eventually start to date. When Jodi bumps into him and discovers their shared interest in music, they both realize that they are attracted to one another. But Stig’s popularity and concern of what others think of him get in the way, causing him to continue dating Kimmy.

Eventually, Stig realizes he wants to break up with Kimmy to be with Jodi, and they plan to see each other at Harper’s beauty pageant show. However, he ends up ditching Jodi, and when confronted at the party later that night Jodi realizes that Stig chose popularity over her.

The morning after, Dunkleman gives Jodi high heels as a present, and after he leaves, Jodi finds out that Kimmy confronted Stig about his relationship with Jodi. Dunkleman jumps in and says that Jodi has much more personality and is a lot cooler than anybody else at the party.

Jodi realizes that she belongs with Dunkleman, and at the homecoming dance she makes a speech saying she is proud of being a tall girl and that is what makes her who she is. Stig regrets his actions and breaks up with Kimmy, begging Jodi to give him another chance. Jodi rejects him and asks Dunkleman to be her boyfriend. The two end the scene with a kiss. 

This movie was released on Sept. 13. 2019 and is now available to stream on Netflix. It tells an inspiring story of how a tall girl can find love in herself, and it’s a fun movie to watch if you are ever bored.