Follow Along To ‘1981’ A Year Later



iDKHOW’s EP “1981” was released around this time last year on November 9, 2018.

Carolyn Martin, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

Up-and-coming band iDKHOW (short for I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME) released their debut EP, “1981” last year. iDKHOW is made up of Dallon Weekes (formerly of The Brobecks and Panic! At the Disco) on vocals, guitar and bass and Ryan Seaman (formerly of Falling in Reverse) on the drums. The EP is the perfect insight into the debut album that is to come from them.

The record starts off with “Introduction.” This track that sounds as if it is from a tape recording where a voice says, “We invite you to follow along,” and, “When you hear this sound (a chime) turn the page.” These retro aspects are indicative of what iDKHOW is.

The first song on the record is called “Choke.” It is a brash song that intrigues you from the start, as the first lines of the song are, “Stop, drop and drag me into place.” Weekes also tells the recipient of the song to, “Bite your tongue and choke yourself to sleep.” Within the last year, this song has become a fan favorite.

Track three is called “Social Climb.” It is an ambient track that opens with a powerful guitar riff and a steady drum beat. The song, according to Genius, focuses loosely on some experiences and encounters Weekes had while in California.

Next is “Bleed Magic” which is one of the most uptempo songs on the EP. This track focuses on a girl who is “bleeding magic out.” According to Genius, many have speculated this to be about a vampire-like narrative.

Afterward comes the song “Absinthe.” This is a bombastic song that goes full speed from the start. Weekes sings of the effects absinthe can have. He also tells the listener, “No, I don’t care what momma says/ you’ll wind me up or you’ll wind up dead.” Not the most conventional of songs, but catchy all the same.

The EP closes with the song “Do It All the Time.” This track references back to the 1980s theme that encapsulates the entire record. This is shown sonically through the groovy bass line that starts off the track and in the music video as it mimics old PSAs shown in high schools, older technology and all. The lyrics of the song however, chronicle how many young people today feel that they can do anything they want and face no repercussions.

iDKHOW took the opportunity to flip the stereotype about love songs on its head, and that makes for a wonderful listen. 

The record clocks in at 16 minutes, a perfect way to familiarize yourself with iDKHOW before their debut album release if you have not done so already.