C.A.N. Hosts Touchdown Bingo

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

Central Activities Network (C.A.N.) has hosted a bingo night every semester that brings people to a wild, exciting environment to have some fun and possibly be lucky enough to win a prize.  

On Tuesday, Oct15, Bingo Night was held in Semesters at Devil’s Den. Many people came out to win prizes and have some fun while the whole room was packed.

Bingo games included traditional bingo, four corners, cover-all and more. Several prizes were given out, like sweatshirts, Patriots tickets, a Fitbit 3, a table tennis set, a yoga mat and water bottles. There was also food at the back of the room, which was quickly finished by the end of the event.

Central student Trinitee Williams said, “I like how they have a nice prize. The fact that we have to get different patterns makes it fair and harder to win which is good because a lot of people are here and it helps keep the flow of the game going.” 

In between rounds of bingo, people also played musical chairs. This involved six students voluntarily coming up on stage. Each time the music stopped, one student was eliminated. The last person on the last chair in each round won a prize.

Lots of people were yelling and screaming, hoping to win the prizes. The crowd was wild and eager to hear each number be called out. When the hosts asked if anyone was close to getting a bingo, the students in the audience were anxious to find out how they stacked up compared to everyone else, and if it was possible for them to win bingo. Some people were so outraged anytime someone went up and won a prize hoping that they got the numbers wrong and could continue to play. The event helped people get out of their comfort zone and meet different people, as well as become competitive in a healthy and safe environment.

 “I like how competitive the game was, but I just wish I won a prize,” Sophomore Kyle Giglietti said.

The winner of the Patriots tickets ended up being Eric Stefano, who came to the event wearing a Patriots sweatshirt.

“I’m so lucky,” Stefano said. “I’m going to the game and I’m gonna take my mom with me. We’re huge Patriots fans, we watch every game together. It’s just gonna be a great time.”

A couple of students believed that the event was enjoyable and great. But some students complained about how long and dragged out the game was. Central student Madelyn Corey said, “I like the variety of prizes and the multitude of different games, I just wish that we didn’t have to wait between the numbers.”

Nadia Santone, a program director of C.A.N. who helped host the event, was happy with the results of the event.

“I think the Bingo game went pretty well,” Santone said. “A lot of people showed up and had a great time. Our program director Mia Perez did an amazing job picking out sports-themed prizes, and rounds went well.” 

If you were unable to attend, this wasn’t your last chance. C.A.N. puts out different events that can help you become more involved on campus. C.A.N. hosts fun activities such as concerts, games and trips. For more information, you can go to their meetings every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., where you can help brainstorm ideas for the events.