Hulu It: ‘Being Erica’

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

Hulu original “Being Erica” is set in Toronto, Canada and is about a 30-year-old woman named Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk) who has many regrets that lead her to live a very miserable life.

At the beginning of the show, Strange is finally ready to receive help and change for the better. Her therapist, Doctor Tom (Michael Riley) is an extraordinary person who is able to go back in time and redo whatever he wants to do. Strange’s conquest is to go back to the time of life that she regrets and change her mistakes. 

This show has four seasons, and each episode gives out essential messages about taking care of yourself. It teaches you that no matter what you do, sometimes whatever is meant to be will be, and that we have to accept our fate and move on.

When Strange goes back in time and explores other life choices to prevent her mistakes, she begins to realize that life is all about making mistakes and trying to live a perfect life isn’t the best.  

Strange’s best friends, the perfectionist Judith (Vinessa Antoine) and crazy risk taker Jenny (Paula Brancati) take part in her life, as well as the mean girl, Katie (Sarah Gadon). The show also features Strange’s family: her divorced Jewish parents and an innocent sweet sister Sam (Joanna Douglas). Throughout the show, Strange must cope with her brother Leo’s death (Devon Bostick).

Strange also struggles with romantic relationships, especially in her 30’s when it’s frowned upon not to be settled down already. She falls in love with her longtime best friend, Ethan (Tyron Leitso), but life isn’t perfect for them and they struggle to handle their different personalities.

The show also deals with how Strange is finding a stable job. She eventually lands a job as a junior editor for the Rolling Stone. She must deal with her very uptight and bold boss Julianne (Reagan Pasternak) and her very devilish but smart coworker Brent (Morgan Kelly).

Eventually, Strange becomes friends with another therapy patient named Kai (Sebastian Pigott) who is dealing with the same therapy sessions as she is. 

The show does have an unrealistic story plot line, since it’s fiction. For example, Strange’s relationship with her therapist seems to be intimate, however, not in a romantic way. Sometimes it feels as if Strange is teaching and helping Doctor Tom, rather than him helping her.

In season two, there are episodes where Strange is involved with trying to help another patient. However, in the real world, you are not allowed out to give out any private information from another patient. Especially if someone does not feel comfortable explaining their private struggles to another patient. Therefore, this doesn’t give out an accurate representation of relationships between patients and their therapist. 

Despite the inaccuracies, there are many valuable perks for watching the show. The quotes that Doctor Tom provides can help a person live hopefully and think independently. Doctor Tom brings out the best in Strange and helps her achieve things in life successfully.

“Being Erica” explains all about how you can live your own life by being who you are. You can live life to the fullest, but you have to also to understand that taking too much of a risk can be harmful. It is a very cozy yet adventurous show.

If anyone ever feels the need to self-analyze, or just loves to watch shows with lessons about life, then this is a perfect show for you to watch. The show is available on Hulu and Amazon.