What Can’t You Find At The Big E?

Carolyn Martin, Assistant Arts & Entertainment

The Big E is known for its array of outrageous foods and wonderful carnival rides. But did you know you could get a mattress there? Or what about a hot tub? The Big E is more than just an over the top carnival, it’s basically a one stop shop.

Tucked next to food and clothing vendors you will find places that offer furniture, mirrors and other knick knacks. Many of the tents could grab your attention easily. However, the interesting vendors are not just outside; many are inside the state buildings.

The Maine building had one thing in particular that caught the attention of patrons: goat milk soap. It’s definitely not what you’d see in a department store, but that makes it all the more intriguing. Ledgeway Farms is the exact name of the vendor, and Sarah Perkins was nice enough to spend some time and chat about her products.

The company started in 2015 and Perkins explained that the soap is made by using goats’ milk and base oils.

“Everybody’s recipe is different,” Perkins said. “So my base oils are olive oil, coconut oil and canister oil. At Ledgeway Farms we use Brazilian clay.”

It turns out, this is a very profitable market in Maine. When asked, Perkins explained it was because people are now more aware of what is going into and onto their bodies. Ledgeway Farms uses biodegradable packaging and refrains from using palm oil, in order to save the environment.

Harvest Tyme Herbs was another unusual vendor; they had a sign displaying gourmet cat nip. The woman running the stand, Mary Ann Mullett explained more about the business.

“It is just very strong, high quality cat nip,” Mullett said. “And we packaged it in… single serve coffee bags, so it keeps it really fresh.”

However, Mullett sells much more than just animal products. She explained how she originally started off selling herb dips. She then went on to say, “we have 15 selections of teas, like tea bags.”

As you can see, Harvest Tymes caters to many different customers. It is also a big year for this company as this year marks the 20th year of them being showcased in the New Hampshire building. One thing Mullett wanted everyone to know was that she is currently taking orders for custom pet portraits.

The Big E has just begun, and there is so much more to explore. Grab your friends and take a trip down to the Big E and see what niche vendors you can find.